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Desires or Men? Know the Facts About Men…After interviewing 2,000 men, I’ve come to learn quite a bit about the male species and what men really want.

Instead of scaring off interesting guys, women can learn to read the signals men send. If you do that, you master the art of weeding out Mr. Wrong and nurturing Mr. Right.

Here are 10 facts about men’s desires and their fears to enable you to start and sustain relationships with men that love you.

#1: Women Have Tremendous Power Over Men

It’s much easier for a man to ask his boss for a raise, or run a marathon on a hot day than it is for him to approach a woman. Men are trained and biologically programmed to be competitive and aggressive. The way he thinks, you are more daunting than a roomful of business associates or a large player trying to tackle him on the field. He can negotiate business demands and sustain bodily injury, but he can’t risk his manhood where it’s most vulnerable (with you).

A man’s self-image is created by his own sense of worth and dignity as well as doing well in the world and competing with other men. When a man starts to measure himself in the eyes of a woman, his manhood is most vulnerable. He will always worry about embarrassing himself or saying something stupid to a woman regardless of how successful, good-looking, or confident he may be.

Too often women think men have got all the power in relationships, but the truth is women have got tremendous power. A woman has the power to win a man’s love or crush him. You can tap into that power to win his mind and heart, then you’ll get the guy.

#2: Men Enjoy Women Who Take Initiative

I’ve heard some coaches say that it isn’t “feminine” to chase men. And some women believe men feel threatened by a woman being assertive. Know this: the man who is your equal will appreciate you taking the initiative and choosing him.

Men have an innate sense whether they should even approach a woman or not. Remember, you’ve got the power, so use it. Deep down men are inherently insecure so go ahead and signal your interest if you come across a man that suits you. Men can pick up on subtle body language, so a flirtatious glance will be enough for him to cross the room to speak to you. Men love women who show interest in them!

#3: Women Who Play Hard to Get Are a Big Turnoff For Men

Most men don’t have time for games and won’t put up with them. Once a man sees that a woman is playing games, he’ll often move on.

Why would a man want to take the risk of being shot down by a woman who’s unattainable?

There’s enough challenge in meeting a woman and trying to have a relationship.

Playing hard to get is really a waste of your time and prevents you and the man from getting to know one another. I’m sure a smart woman would want to know sooner rather than later that a potential match will work out or not. A man likes a sincere and caring woman.

#4: If a Woman Allows It, a Man Will Take Advantage of Her (Men Said it Themselves)

Sad to say but true, many if not most, men will take advantage of those women who let them. Women end up wasting a lot of time in dead-end relationships when it’s clear that the guys are just stringing them along.

You must draw the line because he won’t. Men will respond to and respect a woman who is bold and shows self-respect. If you believe you are on the list of “good for now until something better comes along,” go ahead and confront him. Men typically don’t have an issue with a “fun for now” relationship, so he’s perfectly content but he needs to know you are not.

#5: Women’s Communication Is Difficult For a Man to Understand

For women, the value in talking is all about the process of talking whereas men are goal-orientated and feel as though talking is a waste of time. When you talk as you naturally do, a man finds it hard to understand you. He senses all the nuances that are going on behind the words, but he isn’t sure what they are. When you say to him, “Let’s talk about our relationship,” he thinks “What’s wrong, how does she want me to change?”

Men tend to respond best to clear and direct requests because they are trained at practical problem solving. If you communicate this way with a man he will hear you, understand your feelings, and be considerate of them. The best way to communicate with a man is to be loving and direct.

#6: Men Have a Double Standard When it Comes to Sex

Desires or Men? Know More How to Attract a Man…A man holds a woman to stricter standards concerning sex than he does for himself. The timing of your first sexual encounter will influence how he feels about you. This means if you have sex with him too soon, he’ll be less likely to consider you as a potential girlfriend or wife.

While men may talk fast and seductively, they truly are idealistic about the woman they will marry. If you decide to bed a man too quickly he may not want to cultivate your mind. The upside for a woman to wait to be sexually intimate with a man is that it will weed out the guys that aren’t right for her, the guys who are ambivalent, and the ones who only want sex.

#7: Men Are Immensely Jealous – If You Try to Provoke His Jealousy It Will Backfire

Men are competitive and hate to lose – or even think of losing. If he’s jealous he has anguish over the thought of someone else making his girlfriend happier than he can. It is mental torture for a man to think and fear that he cannot make the woman he loves happy.

This is exactly why it’s a mistake to use jealousy as a maneuver to bring him closer to you. If a man suspects a woman is playing this game, he’ll drop her before he suffers the torture.

How could making a sane man jealous make a man love a woman more?

If a woman feels there are issues in the relationship, she should confront her man rather than playing the jealousy game.

There are a lot of men in the world who are jealous and insecure. If you find yourself in a relationship with a man like this, calm his fears by telling him and showing him how much you care. If he continually limits your freedom and is possessive drop him.

#8: Men’s Natural Disposition Is to Have Sex With Many Women

Many men keep their relationships monogamous by satisfying their need for variety by going to strip clubs and viewing pornography. A man’s imagination is stimulated by looking at different naked women. And of course, he plays with himself!

A man will be polygamous unless something or someone restrains his natural disposition. Many men will fear losing the woman they love and inhibit themselves. If men are sure that their wives or girlfriends would never be the wiser to their infidelities, many men would have sex with other women.

#9: Men Would Rather Be Intimate Than Talk About Intimacy

Men are cautious about displaying their vulnerability but don’t believe men fear intimacy. It is true that men are poor emotional communicators. It’s challenging for men to say “I love you” even if they feel it deeply. A man gets that a woman wants to hear it but, as a rule, they aren’t able to say the words often. Most men will show their love in deeds, not words.

#10: The Way to A Man’s Heart Is Through His Ego

Men do marry women who support them, care for them, and who are on his side. He needs harmony at home so he can go out into the world complete. A man instinctively knows when  a woman isn’t on his side but is only saying that to get whatever she wants from him (money, sex, or an engagement ring).

When I say the way to a man’s heart is through his ego, it does not mean you need to be flattering him all day. My point is a man wants to love a woman whom he feels he can make happy. Not only is he happy to make the woman he loves satisfied, he is pleased to know he can please you. Make sure he knows it when he does.

So there you have it the 10 facts you probably didn’t already know about men’s desires and fears. Men are not perfect, and they’re not looking for a woman who is perfect. All in all guys love women who are generous, caring, and sincerely interested in him.

Fiona Rich

Fiona is here to help you not only Attract Better Men but also be Winning at the Game of Love! We are in this together sister!

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    Good idvice, love reading your stuff. Learn new stuff and help fresh my mind.


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