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Everyone has opinions about online dating. I personally think it is a great way to give your dating life a boost. It’s also a great way to become more comfortable talking to men after you have been out of the game for a while.

Online Dating Tips: Maximize the Advantage of Finding Your LoveI am a fan, but I am in no way insinuating that online dating is without its annoyances.

Just like dating the old fashioned way – meet, exchange numbers, wait for a call, go on date, and realize he is great or find out he’s a weirdo – online dating can be a toss-up. But when it comes to online dating, at least more men are asking, right?

But then we have our questions, too…

  • Which men do I answer?
  • How can I tell if he is being honest?
  • How much do I tell him about myself before we meet?
  • How many messages do we exchange before going on a date?

And then there is the time factor…

If you have ever dabbled with online dating, you know how time consuming it can be. Honestly, it can feel like a part-time job at times. So after a few months of sitting on OkCupid, trying to give every guy that messaged me a chance (I am equal opportunist, after all), I realized that I wasn’t getting much done. I was spending hours each day on dating sites, scrolling through profiles and concocting amazing messages to send to men I would probably never met in person, instead of actually doing any writing for myself.

I sat down and thought about the experiences I’d had so far with online dating. I had gone on many dates, the majority of them never leading to a second. I realized that by trying to be open-minded and going out with every guy who seemed to be able to carry a conversation, I was ignoring a lot of the signs that a guy wasn’t right for me. And these signs were flashing on the computer screen right in front of my face.

Ultimately, I was wasting a lot of time.

So I came up with a system. I decided on the four main factors I considered when viewing a potential date online.

Then I thought about my previous experiences and found the point in time for each of them when I should have just hit delete. Now I use that as a basic guideline to make the most out of the time I have allotted for online dating.

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When I mentioned to a guy friend that online dating felt like a job, he said I was being ridiculous. As a guy, he didn’t realize how many messages a woman gets if she is semi-attractive and has a decent profile.

I opened the app on my phone to show him just what I meant. Over the next ten minutes, I got four new messages. (The more active you are on the site, the more messages you will receive.)

My friend was a little surprised to see it. We went through a couple of my messages together, and he was even more surprised by the way I immediately deleted some of them and saved the others for later.

He thought I was being a snob because I wasn’t even willing to look at some of their profiles before moving on. But the truth is, if I read the profile of each man who messaged me, I would have to devote more time than I have to spare to online dating.

It takes up to ten minutes – sometimes longer – to go through each guy’s profile, check out his pictures, and then compose a good response. It is time consuming, and I find it extremely annoying when I get to the bottom of a long profile and it says something so off-putting that I would never respond to him.

Now I maximize my time by looking for red flags in these four areas when online dating: the initial message a man sends, his pictures, his profile content, and – if we get so far – the conversation.

Stay tuned next Friday for Part 2 of this three-part series!

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Christine Robb

Christine Robb is a freelance writer and the author of Bitch, You’re Just Not Approachable. How You Can Be THAT Girl.

She does not claim to be an expert and she doesn’t consider herself a guru. She’s just a normal single gal who drinks beer, eats bar food and lives in Manhattan, but she knows what she wants in life and love and won’t settle for anything less. She also knows how to be approachable.

While writing her first book, Christine decided to take some of her journals on single life, finding confidence, and dating in NYC and share them with the blogging community because some of her experiences are just too ridiculous not to share.

Check out her site to find a safe place for anyone struggling with confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and dating.

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