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Internationally-known relationship expert Michael Fiore goes deep into the heart of darkness of online dating… PLUS Mike reveals what men secretly see when they look at a woman’s online dating profile and how to “tune” your profile to only attract handsome, kind, “boyfriendable” men.

Hi, I’m Mike Fiore,

If you’re a woman who’s ever had a “Online Dating Horror Story” or feels like there are “no good men online” this will be one of the most important articles you read (and one of the most important videos you watch) in your life…


Because in this short article I reveal exactly what happened when I pretended to be a woman on OK Cupid… why so many men are “bad actors” on online dating sites and (in the video) why your online dating profile is magnetically attracting douchebags and jerks (even though you THINK you wrote a profile that will appeal to the love of your life… Even if he saw your profile he probably ignored it.

Watch this video right now to find out why: What Your Online Dating Profile Is Secretly Saying To Men (And Why You Only Seem To Meet Jerks Online)


OK, let’s go!

Randal asks…

“Mike, I created a female profile on POF and have to say my eyes are open to what women go through. 64 messages in 10 minutes. Most are short one liners or crude. Amazing.”


OK, Randal, that’s not really a question but I’ll let it slide because it opens up a HUGE topic that I think a LOT of single guys (and even more women) are going to get something out of.

And that topic is what it’s REALLY like to be an attractive (or even just “decent looking”) woman in the crazy wilds of online dating.

Actually, I know EXACTLY what it’s like myself, because a few years back I did an experiment just like what you’re doing now.

About 8 years ago I was single and was getting frustrated and even ANGRY (sound familiar?) at how hard it was to get the hot, beautiful, intelligent women I was obsessing over online to write me back.

It seemed like no matter what I said or what kind of pictures I put up I couldn’t get a “hot girl” to give me the time of day (until I figured out a few tricks.)

Finally, in total frustration I created “Sarah.”

Sarah was 26, blonde, lithe and beautiful. For “Sarah’s” picture I grabbed a picture of an “off duty model” (so she looked almost like a regular person) off Google.

For her profile I put up what I thought would be the perfect woman.

“Sarah was funny. Sarah was beautiful. Sarah was kind of a geek who liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had actually read a comic book.”

I posted Sarah’s profile and within just a few minutes my inbox was FLOODED (which sucked, because in the couple months I’d been online as myself I’d only ever gotten messages from cougars and women who used to be men. Lame.)

It was crazy. Guy after guy sent me messages.

Young guys saying “URE HOT!” (Golly, thanks.)

Old guys saying “My wife and I are just a formality. I want to buy you stuff.” (Creep.)

Foreign guys (who were also old) saying “YOU ARE THE LUV OF MY LIFE AND I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!! LET US GET MARRIED.” (PSYCHO!)

It was crazy. And comical. And a great way to fill a lonely Thursday night while sipping bourbon.

But it got REALLY crazy when I started getting emails from guys I knew.

First I got one from “Bob.” Bob was in his early forties and looked like a shaggy, tall version of Kurt Cobain who’d never met success or heroin.

“Bob” tried the “Respectful” route saying stuff like “You’re really pretty but I bet there’s more to you than that. You seem like a really interesting person” and even though I knew Bob was a pretty nice guy, online he made “Sarah” shiver with faintly-disguised disgust.

“Sarah” just ignored “Bob” (even though he wrote 5 times in a row. Creep.)

But then there was “Mark.”

Mark was a guy I’d played poker with once or twice. He was in his early thirties, tall, handsome. He did metal work for a living. He was a cool guy.

He wrote “Sarah” and for the first time I felt guilty about my little experiment.

This was a nice, attractive guy. This was a guy I’m pretty sure “Sarah” would actually have been interested in if “Sarah” had actually existed.

He wrote once. I ignored him.

He wrote twice (confidently. No puppy dog at all.) and I felt nausea in my gut.

He wrote a third time (a while later) and I actually wrote him back and said “You seem really cool, but my ex boyfriend and I are getting back together.”

And then I shut down my account.

Anyway, besides the fact that I got a little too into being “Sarah” this whole experience taught me a few things:

  1. It taught me that traditionally “hot” women get a LOT of messages and that you need to stand out in a positive way to have a chance.
  2. It taught me that “one liners” are absolute death when it comes to talking to girls online (and that women do in fact viciously mock guys who pose with guitars, abs or other women in their profiles.)
  3. It taught me to NEVER take it personally if a girl didn’t get back to me online. It’s not that I wasn’t awesome, it’s that she had 500 – 1000 other messages to get through and never even had a chance to see how “awesome” I was.
  4. And most of all it taught me how HARD it is to be a woman looking for love online… how guys eagerly misinterpret even the most innocent of pictures and phrases as a “invitation to creep” and EXACTLY what a woman needs to do to change her profile from “Jerk Bait” to something that drags handsome, wonderful men who actually WANT a committed relationship like a moth to a flame.

Which is why I created this important video for you to watch:


This video is short but if you’re a woman who’s tried (and failed) to meet great men online, it’ll change everything you think you know about online dating (and about meeting men in general.)

Finally Revealed: What Your Online Dating Profile Is Secretly Saying to Men (And How to Create A Profile That Magnetically Attracts the Man Of Your Dreams)

What I discovered after my own experience (and after analyzing HUNDREDS of profiles submitted by women on my Facebook page) is that most women – completely accidentally – are putting up “Jerk Magnet” profiles that simultaneously attract “players” and scammers while telling the actual great guys online (and there are a LOT of them) not to bother no matter how attracted to you they are.

Watch This Now If You Want To Meet “The One”

Need a hint about what most women are doing “wrong?”

OK, here it is…

Most women write online dating profiles full of language they WANT men to respond to instead of language men really DO respond to

The scammers and jerks actually keep a look out for certain “Key Phrases” women put in their profiles and lick their chops and grin when they see them…

While the good guys out there see these EXACT same phrases and run the other way.

The good news is meeting great men who want a commitment online is actually EASY once you learn what these “Jerk Magnet” phrases are… and the “secret words” that open up a good man’s heart and invite him to write you with passion, desire and respect.

At the end of the video I tell you about a very affordable program I created, but even if you don’t buy anything this video will change how you go about meeting men forever.

Watch it now.

How to Meet Amazing Men Without Getting Off The Couch


Mike Fiore

P.S. A lot of women have “given up” on online dating because of a few bad experiences. The unfortunate thing is those bad experiences didn’t happen because of “online dating,” they happened because you don’t understand the psychology of a truly great man-attracting profile.

The fact is women who meet their future boyfriends and husbands online actually have BETTER relationships and get divorced WAY less than women who meet their guy “in person” or “the traditional way.

If you want real love with a real man watch the video now.

Michael Fiore

Internationally recognized as the foremost expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world, Michael is blunt, funny, and always honest.

In 2011, Michael appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show with his popular “Text The Romance Back Program” (Rachael said he gave her “chills”). Since then Michael has given women X-Ray vision into men’s minds with “The Secret Survey”, helped thousands rebuild relationships with “Text Your Ex Back”, and has become an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Michael lives in Seattle, WA and is currently hard at work on his next shocking, straightforward and really, really useful program.

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