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People are entirely too busy in life; tending to the kiddos, succeeding in careers, fulfilling obligations, and such. The problem begins when we prioritize where the people we care about the most are made to wait for our attentions and affections.

We tend to get the job done, laundry finished, and hopefully, a chance to work on a goal we have for ourselves; all the while, our loved ones are still there; waiting for their moment in our time.

How do we keep ourselves sane, continue to do a good job, and give loved ones the attention they deserve?

Relationship and Time for Yourself and FamilyLet’s start with prioritizing. We wake up, get ready for the day, and start thinking how to tackle each and every assignment in front of us; hoping to get just a little further ahead than yesterday. We race to beat the clock before time runs out, or devote our down time to making a to-do list; usually crossing out much of today’s plan only to recreate a list with the same duties, obligations, and moments that we so desperately wanted to succeed in.

Obviously, we have deadlines to meet, but instead of getting all twisted up about it, consider just telling yourself, “Stop!,” taking a deep, cleansing breath, and choosing, consciously, to merely go with the flow for the day; looking calmly for opportunities to make a difference (or dent) in what you need to complete. What sort of havoc would that create!?!

Surprisingly, the world will go on, the work will still be there, and the wants and needs will be alive and well. Still, in this very moment, we’ve convinced ourselves that everything must get done, each item has a deadline, and we are ‘less than’ if we don’t accomplish said duties.

I learned years ago that the world still continues to spin (even while I am spinning out of control) because I am, and never have been, in control. My schedule is not truly mine to coordinate. It is life, and it will continue on even when I don’t finish all of my listed duties.

What won’t wait are people; the ones who love and care about you… and stand by your side on a regular basis.

Eventually, with enough rejection coming from your busy schedule, they will find the love and affection they so deserve elsewhere.

That’s not to say your child will run away, your mate will leave you, or that your friends will disown you, but they will busy themselves with everyone else but you; hanging out with new friends, getting into mischief, or simply, they’ll stop reaching out for you.

So how do you stop this busy madness from spiraling out of control… while still completing your work, accomplishing some of your dreams, and fulfilling many of your obligations?

Easy… you put effort into relationships, too!

You have a schedule, right?

Why not add loved ones to it! Jot down a time to make that quick phone call or shoot that loving text to the person who misses you so much. If you message around the same time, it becomes habit-forming. Soon, they expect the message, and miss it when they don’t receive one. Now, you’ve got them thinking about you… and that’s good, right!

Well, what if you become even more of a disappointment because you didn’t keep it up… what then?

Well, that’s easy… Don’t be a disappointment! Keep it up! If the scheduled time doesn’t work out, hit your Snooze button and do it when you open up.

Surely, this little assignment can be done; even if it’s a simple text. You are not that important to the world that you can’t take time to make someone you actually love smile. It’s the easiest way to spark their interest back into your direction.

So, I said easy, but not always simple. That’s because you need to get your creative juices flowing. Share something new every once in awhile. But you’re smart, right! This should be easy!

We’re all guilty of putting too much attention on something rather than someone, but for today we have the luxury of another chance to get it right. So don’t wait; make that daily date. Schedule that time to be romantic, loving, affectionate, and intentional.

Try it for a week. See if you notice a transformation in the person you’re trying to appreciate. Soon, you might get a message in return; giving you the reminder for that day to reach out to them. Then, it becomes a two-way street.

Please don’t waste anymore of your valuable time worrying if everything gets done, because it won’t… and without the loved ones standing beside you, it really doesn’t matter all that much anyway.


Kimberly Mitchell

Kimberly Mitchell

Author, Kimberly Mitchell, offers insights and guidance to those struggling in relationships, and to those who simply want to improve the ones they are in. Kim has been writing and sharing for nearly a decade; through her book, articles, along with helping other writers publish their works.

Kim writes for her website, Loving with Purpose; offering relationship and self-awareness insights. For more information, or to connect with her and her writing, please go to her website, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the sites listed here.

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