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Single gals should never feel left out on Valentine’s Day. Instead, make it a day of self-love, exploration and beauty…

Single Gal on Valentine’s Day: How to Have the Best Time of Your LifeI don’t believe in one day being a day of love. For me, everyday is a day of love—especially self-love.

There are plenty things you can do.

Don’t have a date?

Date yourself.

Besides, YOU ARE the most fabulous person you know 😉

Why not spend a special day in your own company?

Here Are 12 Things You Can Do to Show Yourself MORE Love:

Write in Your Journal

It’s so cleansing to write your daily thoughts and words in a journal, diary or blog. It works wonders for providing clarity

And it’s absolutely free!

Learn the Power of ‘NO’

Stop worrying about what everyone else is feeling. Instead, pay attention to what your mind and body feel.

If you’re overwhelmed and don’t have time to do a friend a favor, say no. If they’re a true friend, they’ll understand. Stop biting off more than you can chew.

Meditate in the Morning

There’s nothing that starts off your day better and with so much focus than meditation. It’s like having your own private sanctuary of rest.

Switch Off Your Cell Phone

Just for a day, take a break from the ‘urgency’ of calls and texts. The world can get on without you for a few hours.

Take an Afternoon Nap

Does your body crash mid-afternoon? Take a quick nap to rejuvenate. You can’t be productive if you’re tired.

No excuses!

Have a Pampering Massage

Schedule a relaxing massage at your favorite day spa. Feel the week’s tension fade away as your muscles loosen up.

Watch a Funny Show

Nothing keeps your heart, mind, body and soul more youthful than laughter. Twenty minutes a day can chase the blues away.

Create a Diva Hits Playlist

Create a rockin’ playlist on your MP3 player, hook it up to some speakers and crank it up. Run around the house singing like you’re a star on stage – imaginary fans included.

Music is one of the best ways to soothe or excite your soul.

Sleep In

Take a break from that blaring alarm, if possible. If you have to work, then do it this weekend.

No guilt!

Go Electronics-Free

Turn off the laptop. Unplug the TV. Take the day away from all the things that create clutter – mentally and emotionally.

You’ll feel so much better afterward.

Burn Scented Candles

Burning candles daily is so relaxing. They help release your tension, lighten your mood and get you into a serene state.

Clean Up the Clutter

Not attracting ideal men into your life? Is your love life fizzling? Do you want more abundant finances?

Success is attracted to a clean environment. Give away old clothing, organize your desk or clear out that storage unit.


Don’t you feel better already?

Doing a few of these will shift your energy because you’ve made yourself a priority.

And, guess what?

When you treat yourself well, others pick up on it, and treat you well too!

With love and in service,

Rhonda Cort

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