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Women who have professional and financial success are constantly told they’re single because their standards are too high–or they’re too smart.

That’s not the real issue.

Never buy into the lie that successful, educated, wealthy men are turned off by smart, successful women. Instead, discover how to share them as the highly valuable assets they are. 

Successful Woman With Her Perfect MatchI work with some amazing women. They’re smart, loving, successful and financially well-off. On paper, they’re a high-caliber man’s dream.

In real life, they haven’t dated a man they find suitable (let alone a high-caliber man they feel passionate about)–in years. 

The two secrets I reveal below allow you to openly share your smarts with high-caliber men—and leave them wanting more of you. Not less.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Two weeks a go, I attended a 2-day conference with hundreds of people. One of the speakers was captivating, brilliant and engaging.

He is a former Harvard professor, the leader of his field, has written dozens of books  and is known world-wide. People were waiting in line to meet him, take photos and have him sign their books.

Before he left the next day, he gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek, his card and said wanted to stay in touch. (I was poised on the outside—and melting on the inside ;-))

This would have NEVER happened to the ‘old Rhonda.’

(Quick Confession: In my early twenties, I used to attract seriously low quality men. They lied, cheated, didn’t want much out of life and weren’t emotionally available.)


What takes a woman from attracting low quality men to being a successful, high-caliber man magnet? 

Successful Woman Attracting MenSee if you can uncover the secrets hidden in the professor’s email:

“Hello Rhonda,

Great meeting you! 

On my work, happy to share. One place to start would be one of my books. They are listed on my website, link below; let me know which sounds interesting to you, and I’ll send it.

Definitely intrigued by your international experience; I don’t meet many women who have that kind of breadth. 

Enjoyed our conversation about Genghis Kahn as well!  What a pleasure to talk to someone who has your range and depth.

I also read your piece about ‘5 traits men like in women.’ As someone who studies mating, I’ve never seen anything expressed so well or deeply.

Hope we can have more in the future.

Professor X”

(I was smiling like a giddy teenager. I hope he never reads this!)

Did you find the two things?

He practically outlined how to stand out and show high-caliber men your inner beauty as an intelligent, successful woman.


So what stops women from doing this?

When it comes to love, we tend to be hyper-focused. What’s the best book I can read on understanding men? What’s the latest course can I take on attraction? How can I learn to flirt, look sexier or [you fill in the blank]?

We forget that a successful, high-caliber man who has created an amazing life:

  • Consistently invests in self-development to grow as a man–professionally and personally.
  • Is stimulated by the uncommon woman who does uncommon things.
  • Is not average, so doing the average won’t attract him (or keep his attention long-term).

These statements may upset a lot of people, yet I’m here to share a truth that will liberate smart, successful, ambitious women wrongfully labeled as having impossibly high standards. 

How to Be the Uncommon Woman Who Stimulates Him to No End and Inspires His Growth as a Man

Secret #1: Cultivate ‘The Smörgåsbord Effect’

When I lived in Sweden, I looked forward to the smörgåsbord at Christmas. There was a lavish array of delicacies to sample.

Life was meant to be lived the same way. Rich and varied. Be curious. Study different subjects. Have many interests. 

A woman who has the smörgåsbord effect has depth. She can talk about many subjects. She always discovering fascinating things she can share.

She’s intriguing, irresistible and unforgettable because life with her is never boring!

Secret #2: Take ‘The Deep Dive’

Being a woman of breadth is crucial to killing boredom. However, being a ‘Jill of all Trades’ and a master of none is not attractive.

A successful man doesn’t get where he is without the mastery. Mastery comes from being focused on one thing and going deep.

Unfortunately, too many women distractedly jump from one passion to the next—never diving deep enough to master anything.

When you are able to go deep in a stimulating conversation with a high-caliber man, you open up his mind, heart and soul, because the average woman has superficial conversations.

Find something you’re passionate about (outside your work) and dive in with all your heart and soul.

Dive deep. Get lost in it. Fall in love with it. Master it.

Remember, you are not your work. You are not your success.

You are a WHOLE woman.

Step away from the computer. Take a break from work.

Start using these two secrets to uncover the most cultured, sensual, deep, highest value version of yourself. 


Rhonda “Be a Woman of Breadth & Depth” Cort

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  • Jan May 22, 2015 at 10:55 am

    Thanks for your article!! I have a high-caliber guy that used to say he loved me. After eight months it stopped (in two months it will be two years). I’ve always had a hunch that I just wasn’t smart enough for him. We still see each other and I would say that I do love him. I need help desperately!!!! Lately, I don’t seem to even remember what was said on the news an hour ago. Is there any hope for me or should I chalk it up as another loss?

  • SeyiGold Apr 22, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Added Value….Thanks

  • Glenda Feb 26, 2015 at 2:08 am

    Interesting take on men….

  • Cindy Feb 25, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    Thank you


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