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Online Dating Profile Upgrade Tips and Attract MenWant to sweeten your online dating profile so you attract new love suitors like bees to honey?

Here’s a secret that will not only boost your self confidence  – but also skyrocket your chances of magnetizing true soul mate love. And increase the click-through rate on your profile.

Set up a professional photo shoot and book off a few hours to smile, laugh and have fun.

It’s the single most effective way I have found for myself and numerous of my love coaching clients to:

  • Boost self confidence
  • Feel happy and radiant as you will on your (future) wedding day.

Dating site OK Cupid undertook research recently, which showed that 90% of what people think about your dating profile is focused on your photo.

Considering that finding true love is one of the most important things you’re going to do in your life, professional photos are a MUST.

It’s a vital first impression – make it count.

Here are my 5 top tips for a dating profile photo that lets you shine.

Here Are My 5 Top Tips for a Dating Profile Photo That Lets You Shine:

TIP #1: Believe You Are Worth It and the Results Will Show

Don’t just choose a photographer at random. Do some research.

Google both portrait and wedding photographers in your area and check out their portfolios online to see if you can relate to their style.

Wedding  photographers are a good choice for this project because most are skilled at using their creativity and camera to showcase the bride at her best and make her feel special.

Which is what you want to exude in your profile.

Phone ahead and spend at least 15 minutes interviewing the prospective photographer …describing what you want.

TIP #2: Stipulate You Want Both Studio and Outdoor Shots (Weather Permitting) and Go Somewhere You Love Like a Nearby Park

It’s been proven that profile pictures taken in summer rather than winter get more response so keep that healthy outdoor feel in mind.

Tip #3: Bring at Least Two or Three Outfits and Get Both Portrait and Full Length Photos

I recommend you choose clothes that you love and feel confident in. Consider treating yourself to a new outfit.

Red is considered a sexy color so include an outfit in red – or touches of red in accessories.

If you’re a jeans gal – show them off – but also include something soft and feminine.

Should you show some cleavage? 

Yes, but keep it subtle…suggest your hidden sexiness rather than flaunt yourself and attract the wrong kind of attention.

Final word from UK based professional photographer Saskia Nelson of Saturday Night’s Alright, who specializes in online dating profile pics:

“Dress for your dating photo shoot as though you’re going to run into your ex…Make sure you’re the most important thing in the shot and that you’re in focus, well lit and looking hot.”

Tip #4: Look Into the Camera as if You Were Looking Into Your Lover’s Eyes

Sparkling eye contact and a smile will attract a man rather than pouting or looking away from the camera. No point in looking distant and hard-to-get.

Online Dating Profile Picture Using Selfie PhotosTip #5: To Selfie or Not to Selfie?

Don’t rule out including a selfie among your 3 to 4 professional pictures – mainly because a good selfie usually catches you in a fun and playful – or sexy pouting – mood looking into the camera – and men love that.

But DO NOT include a friend or others in the selfie – just a smiling or laughing YOU.

Let’s sum up with three reasons to get professional photos for your dating profile:

  1. Boost your self confidence. Remember the Law of Attraction operates in your energy field so loving and feeling good about yourself will give you the best chances of attracting a soul mate to love, cherish and adore you.
  2. Ensure you stand out and give a sparkling first impression on dating sites.
  3. Give you a portfolio of fresh updated pictures for other purposes – Facebook, your CV, your website.

In the words of one of my love coaching clients Jen W. ( a successful entrepreneur also looking for romance and a relationship):

“That photo shoot was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I even took your advice to have my hair and make up done beforehand – and I’m so glad I did. Whether or not I meet Mr Right as a result of my new look, it’s been a tonic for my self esteem and certainly added zest to my website and Facebook page.”

Caryl Westmore

Caryl Westmore is an Intuitive Goal Success Love Coach and best selling Amazon Author who helps her clients BREAK FREE so they can attract and live the life they love.

What’s blocking YOU from true love? For a free 50 minute “ATTRACT TRUE SOULMATE LOVE” coaching session with Caryl go here…

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