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If you’re feeling frustrated because your relationship doesn’t seem to be moving forward – or you keep attracting men who don’t seem interested in a real, committed relationship – you’re not alone!

If you don’t understand how relationships and the path to commitment REALLY work for a man, you’ll keep wasting your precious time and energy accidentally doing what doesn’t work and sabotaging your efforts (I know this because I’ve been there!).

Relationship Discussion: What to Do to Strengthen the Relationship!One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to bringing their man closer and getting the commitment they want is constantly initiating conversations about the relationship.

As women, when we talk things through, it helps us feel more connected and closer to the other person. But to a man, it can feel like pressure and it often feels like we’re chasing him.

Typically when we want to talk to our man about the relationship it’s because we’re starting to feel anxious about losing him. It may feel like the commitment we want is slipping through our fingers.

When we’re constantly initiating conversations about the relationship when we’re coming from this place of “lack” or anxiety, it often makes a man want to back up and create space for himself – which makes US want to move towards him to close the gap, as soon as possible. This can create a downward spiral.

Here’s the thing – the less you initiate talking about the relationship when you’re coming from this place (including asking him how he feels about you), the better!

It’s not as though you can never talk about the relationship, but when you’re coming from a place of “lack” or insecurity and you ask your man where the relationship is going, he’ll usually shut down and his feelings of attraction will start to fade instantly.

You may be wondering, if communication is the key to intimacy, how could talking about the relationship push a man away?

It’s the way we instinctively go about it that makes him automatically lose attraction.

What you want to do instead to bring your man closer and create a deep connection is to focus on creating good feeling experiences with him – moment by moment.

When you stop talking about the relationship and start LIVING it instead, you’ll start to feel his energy coming towards you again. He’ll feel as though a “pressure valve” has been released.

You’ll find yourself feeling more happy, secure and confident. You’ll no longer spend your precious time worrying about how a man feels about you or what his intentions are.

You’ll feel more cherished and connected to him right away, because if he’s the right man for you he’ll instinctively feel compelled to come closer.

This is NOT about playing games, giving a man an ultimatum, or implementing superficial “strategies.”

Leaning back energetically and shifting the relationship dynamic in an authentic way is the only way to get permanent results.

Once you stop talking about the relationship and instead focus on creating good feeling experiences with your man, you’re going to feel less urgent, more peaceful and back to your empowered, confident self.

You’ll finally experience what it feels like to not have to work hard for love, while your man comes closer than ever and moves the relationship forward all on his own – because it will all be HIS idea!

Love, Helena

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