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Nowadays, we’re pretty much wired into our mobile phones all the time. Whether you’re at the mall, an airport, in church or even on the freeway (!), you’re bound to see someone glued to their screen.

And chances are at least one of them is texting on their phone. For the last two decades or so, texting has been one of the most basic ways to get a quick message across at the speed of thought.

Text Flirt With Women and Keep You Always in Her MindThis is why a lot of men ask me how to get girls through texting. Maybe a friend of theirs got a girlfriend thanks to some flirty texts, and now they want a piece of the action too.

It seems easy enough to do it – boy meets girl, boy gets girl’s number and boy hooks up with her after a few Ninja texts.

Honestly, it’s not as straightforward as you might think, but it IS possible. You just need to master the basics of texting a girl to improve your hit-miss ratio in a relatively short amount of time.

But before we get into my highly effective examples of what to text girls, you need to understand one basic fact: Texting all by itself won’t convince her to go out with you. It is, however, a VITAL step in the process that will help you reach the final stage of seducing a girl.

At its core, texting is meant to trigger a woman’s positive emotions and get her to associate those feelings with YOU.

When you can keep doing this on a regular basis, she’ll get a small burst of euphoria at the very thought of you. Then you’ll find it easier to connect with her during the times you’re actually together.

So, we need to be clear on the fact that she’s not going to be your girlfriend just from your text conversations – it just doesn’t work that way. That means you’re not going to win her over by endlessly barraging her with one text after another.

Small, steady doses win the race.

Always keep the other half of the equation in mind, which is having good rapport with her when you’re face-to-face. If you do it right, texting will keep this connection going when you’re apart.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to learn how to text flirt with a woman so she won’t be able to get you out of her head:

Text Flirt Tactic #1: Misread the Situation

I’ll be honest – I’m partial to this technique because it works so damn well. Your goal here is to throw her off-balance just a bit by reading into her texts the “wrong” way.

Take this scenario for instance…

YOU: Hey, how’s it going?

HER: Having a bit of a crazy day. Seriously need to blow off some steam … wanna catch up this Friday?

YOU: Yup that would be awesome, we should totally do it.

(Wait about 10 seconds, then text her again)

YOU: I meant, meet up – not do “it”

By misreading her text as something more, it’ll seem like she was coming on a bit too strong. Then, you can flip the script and be the one to turn down her “naughty” invitation.

Text Flirt Tactic #2: Tell Her About a Dream Involving Her

You can get her used to the idea of having R-rated conversations with you by using this sweet little texting technique.

Here’s the deal about girls: they want men to WANT them. It’s a great feeling to be validated in a basic, primal way. Men like that feeling too, but NOT on the same level as women. So the better you are at pushing this button with women, the greater success you’ll have at attracting them.

With the “I dreamt about you” text, you can introduce some intrigue and get her fired up. Try this one on her…

“I don’t know if I should share this with you…but I had the craziest dream about you the other night.”

Obviously she’ll push for more details, so throw her a bone and reply with:

“Well, to be honest…it was a bit dirty.”

Now you have her full attention. When she asks about it, here’s what you say:

“Well, ok…so I dreamt we were driving a garbage truck and going around the neighborhood collecting people’s trash. We were up to our knees in moldy cardboard boxes and leftover dinner scraps.”

You get the point. Feel free to think of another dream just as “dirty”.

Here’s a favorite of mine: “We were watching a baseball game and you were swearing like a sailor because you got mad at one of the players for missing the pitch!”

This is a gentle way to get sexual with your text messages without actually mentioning sex. The sooner you can work this in, the more comfortable she’ll be with discussing the topic later on.

So, these two texts will help you quickly increase the sexual tension without making her feel that she’s being rushed into it.

But we’ve only the scratched the surface…

In the next installment of my text flirting series, we’ll be getting into more tactics to turn her on. They’re just as effective and subtle – she won’t know what hit her.

Stay tuned…

Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma is a dating and attraction advisor, as well as a black belt martial arts instructor and motivational life counselor.


He’s the author of The Girlfriend Training Program, Secrets of the Alpha Man, the Alpha Sexual Blueprint, the Bad Boy Formula, Text Her Tonight and many others. For more info on Carlos CLICK HERE!


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    Wow i thought i knew how to flirt with girls via text but man i ain’t got an idea after reading a few basics of flirt texting.I’d love to know more on how i can be the #Man out there since i’m only 25 i guess i’m still in the game for a few more years to come.Thank Mike


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