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We reveal how to nail the ultimate online dating profile picture.

Your online dating profile pictures can make or break your success when it comes to online dating because recent research has revealed that your photos count for more than 90% of what people consider when deciding whether to date you or not. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest time into creating photos that are so kick ass, people just have to stop swiping and check them out.

Online Dating Tips in Finding Someone for You!Ultimately, the best dating photos do these three things:

  • Make you look good
  • Help tell your story
  • Help you stand out from the other profile pictures

1. Looking Good

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Looking good starts with feeling good and, in fact, the one thing that can take your dating photo from OK to awesome is confidence. If you’re feeling good about yourself and feel confident when you have your photos taken, that confidence shines through and you’ll get the results you need. So, do whatever it takes; invest in that new outfit, treat yourself to a cool haircut or just remember that time when you were totally on fire and channel that vibe.

Make the Effort

In order to make sure that your date recognises you when you meet up, make the same effort getting ready for your shoot as you would for a date. Everyone is different so there’s no right or wrong here.


On the day of the shoot, experiment with different poses, outfits and backgrounds. For women, shots where you’re laughing and looking into the lens are best, whereas for guys, photos of you looking off moodily into the distance perform best. Photos where you look overly posed (think studio portraits) are too formal. Dating photos should show you look natural and relaxed.

2. Telling Your Story

Your profile photos don’t just show people what you look like but they give people clues about your lifestyle and what you’re like as a person. Always check what else is in your profile photos besides you and make sure it adds value rather than distracts people.

Do What You Love or Go Where You Love

An easy way to show people what you’re like is by doing something you’re really into or going somewhere you feel comfortable – that might include cycling, skateboarding, drinking coffee in a cute café, browsing the local market or walking through the park. Having a prop with you in your photo is also a great way of giving people clues about your interests and life-style.

Style It Out

The clothes you wear reflect your personality, be it quirky, cool or sophisticated. So, choosing outfits that you feel show you at your best and make you feel most like you, work best.

3. Standing Out From the Crowd

The final step is to make sure your photos stand out from the hundreds of other photos that people are scrolling through.

Be the Main Thing in the Shot

Create photographs where you’re most important thing in the shot and make sure your eyes are in focus as that is where people will first look. Avoid using photos with other people in the shot so they don’t have to waste valuable time looking for you in the picture and, more importantly, aren’t put off by the people you’re hanging out with.

Embrace Colour

The best dating photos include some bold colour – red is particularly good as it signals love, passion and romance, all good when it comes to dating. Wearing block colour works well, but if you’re more into neutral colours, find a few colourful backgrounds as an easy alternative. Ideally, do a mixture of both.

Use Good Quality Photos

Blurry, poorly lit photos don’t cut it anymore if you want to stand out online and, in fact, good quality photos lead to good quality dates so this is worth investing in. To capture good quality images, head outdoors and find some nice light. Be wary of sunny days as direct sunlight can create unflattering light, so find the shade on days like that.

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