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I could easily write a novel on my adventures of online dating! After the first week of being on OKCupid, I received 7 dick pics, went on a date with a pig-farmer from Iowa who realllllllllly liked my feet, and was schlepped around Mountain View with a man who was aggressively desperate to hold my hand. I resolved that this wasn’t for me and SHUT IT DOWN.

Surely, all the men using online dating weren’t this bad…

Using Data to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile & Get Dates!Honestly, I had signed up, thrown up a picture, fumbled a few lines, and crossed my fingers that Mr. Right would see my profile and be magnetically drawn to my CLEAR display of effortlessness. (Insert epiphany here) It wasn’t the men that were bad. It was my profile. I logged back in a few days later with a newfound determination. With a bottle of wine and a little help from my roommates, I put together a profile that felt authentic, complete, and represented what would come to be, my husband’s first impression of me.

In the age of hookup culture, countless lazy, one-word first messages like “DTF” and “sup?,” and unfortunate pictures of male appendages… online dating can feel like it will be unlikely place to find your future spouse.

On the contrary… 20% of all committed relationships begin online! It happens all the time: two people meet online, get together for coffee, and do it again and again and again. This could be you.

Don’t despair! Even the most successful men and women struggle to write their dating profiles. A little effort can take you a long way. As a Dating Coach, and Profile Designer, I help my clients create fun, confident profiles that reflect WHO they are accurately, honestly, and authentically.

Grounded in practice AND research, these tips are guaranteed to make your profile MAGNETIC.

Let the Camera Roll {On Taking the Best Shots for your Profile}

A successful profile has at least FOUR photographs. If you don’t have any good ones, have a day out with your friends and let the camera roll!

The Magic Four

1. A clear shot of your face

2. Full body shot (203% more likely to receive messages). If you’re worried about your body shape, DON’T BE! A full body shot will always get better results.

3. Social shot with some friends (no more than 4 people and make sure YOU’RE the star)

4. Action shot of you (i.e.roller-skating, playing with your pup, BUT please no tigers…)

Make Sure Your Profile Picture Is of YOU and Only You!

Your profile picture is a chance for you to SHINE. Bravely and unapologetically show off those tattoos, your unique hair cut, that bright red lipstick… whatever your signature is. You want to stand out so be your BOLD, badass self!

One (or Two) for the Ladies…

Flash a gorgeous smile and lure in your viewer with some eye contact.

Want more attention? Women who take their pictures indoors attract 60% more traffic to their profile.

And Another (or Two) for the Gents…

Leave the shirtless mirror selfies where they belong… on your high school Myspace page.

Men who have at least one full body picture of them outdoors will receive 19% more messages. Get on your motorcycle or go rock climbing and you’ll receive even more!

The End Game of Your Profile

Sure, it’s cool to list all the cool experiences you’ve had. Ultimately, your goal here is give the viewer of an idea of what it’s like to spend time with you, what you value, and what you’d bring to a relationship. Leave a little to the imagination and encourage your reader to ask questions.

If you’re a funny guy, write something that’ll have your reader in stitches. If you’re a “health nut,” then tell me about the Beach Yoga class that you go to right after heading to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market.

Keep the Spotlight on You

No sob stories! No sick and tired, hurt by too many she-devils bullshit. I know it’s frustrating and we’ve all got our baggage, but don’t give people a reason to write you off! Let them learn about your battle scars while they’re discovering all of your amazing qualities!

Avoid Talking About What You Don’t Want

But I want to make sure I attract the right kind of person…”

Rather than focusing on what you DON’T want, focus on personality traits and common interests that are important to you and in a potential partner. Talk about your weekend trail runs and your commitment to healthy eating and you’ll innately attract someone who shares those values.

Let’s be honest. Online dating is a numbers game and it’s all about crafting a profile that FLAUNTS the best of what you have to offer. Good luck out there!

With Love,


Sara Hussein

Writing about yourself is hard. Don’t let writing your profile stand in your way of finding your future partner!

From choosing the most appropriate website, to writing that perfect profile and to crafting that confident first message, I can help you curate and craft what will ultimately be your future partners’ first impression of you!

I started Real Love: Relationship, Dating, and Couples Coaching to help others navigate the rough waters of online dating and relationships! Nothing in our lives is as important as the quality of our relationships…  I was able to turn what was initially frustrating (and sometimes head-turning) into an adventure of excitement! Now, I find joy in helping you to connect to that same, heart-racing process of finding the person of your dreams!

Check out my Perfect Your Profile package here!
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