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Valentine Celebration and HappinessTired of the same old boring ideas for Valentine’s Day? Are you separated by miles? Or are you single?

No matter what your situation, Felicity shares creative ideas to celebrate L-O-V-E!

Hey Felicity! This year my boyfriend and I are going to be in different cities for Valentine’s Day. He is on a out-of-state work project until the end of the month. I want to do something to mark the day but obviously our go-to romantic dinner at a restaurant won’t work. Do you have any suggestions on how I can play cupid from miles away?

I’m so glad you asked me this! I admit hearing from someone excited about this holiday is like a breath of fresh air. I know for many folks, Valentine’s Day has become this dreaded event and because of that, it gets ridiculed. But my philosophy is, invented holiday or not, that it’s a day to celebrate loveno matter what your current relationship status may be (more on that below).

I have a few fun ways you can let your guy know he’s on your mind. These work great from a distance but are also effective even if you are in the same zip code. The key is each of these ideas is very personal. Sure flowers, stuffed animals, and candy are the standard gifts on this holiday and you could easily arrange to have something like that delivered to him…but I think doing something unique to the two of you is much more meaningful.

1. Make a song dedication

I remember back when I was a pre-teen swooning over Casey Kasem’s “Long Distance Dedications” on the radio. I listened with baited breath each week on his Top 40 countdown hoping against hope that the boy I was crushing on would proclaim is love for me across the line with an LDD (spoiler alert: it never happened).

Nowadays we have a much easier way to dedicate a song to our love via social media. If you are both on Facebook, the simplest thing to do is post a link to a YouTube video of the song right on his wall. You don’t have to even get sappy with a shmoopy dedication if that’s not your style.

Let the words of the song express it for you! If you have more than one “song”, do a countdown. You could do your Top Five and starting on February 10th, post a song each day. If you aren’t on social media or you aren’t comfortable with such a public romantic display, you can send the songs via text or email.

2. Write a sexy love letter

Valentine Celebration and Writing Love LetterIf you’ve taken my Language of Desire program, you’ve mastered a couple of techniques to create a sizzling love letter you can deliver digitally. In a nutshell, there are three steps to write this…

First, think of a romantic or sexy memory together. Next, put that memory together in a story. Recall an interlude that was particularly passionate and jot down the details. What you were wearing, where you were, and how you were feeling. And write out what took place step by step. Feel free to embellish and don’t be afraid to even get a little cheesy…think of it like a soap opera and he is the dashing leading man. Include a lot of detail about how much he turned you on.

Tell him how his masculinity seduced you, rendering you powerless against his sexiness. Then, you will share your passionate memory with him, bit by bit through text messages. When you text it, send just a few sentences at a time. Strategically pause right before launching into a description of the action…tease him a little bit.

3. Create a photo journal

If writing isn’t your dealio, you can create a romantic story using just images. All you need to do is gather up photos of items that represent your relationship.

Here are some ideas:

> the place you had your first date

> his shirt you like to borrow to sleep in

> his favorite lingerie of yours (you don’ t have to be wearing it)

> a souvenir from a vacation you took together

> an image of a place you plan to visit

> the logo of your favorite restaurant

> pictures of you together

Either snap the photo yourself or grab ’em off the Internet. Gather them up and save them on your phone photo album. Then, over the course of a day or so, periodically text him an image. Tell him why the photo is meaningful to you or how it reminds you of him. Of course you can take this activity to a more provocative place by sending him images of you in sexy poses or various states of undress. That’s always fun, too 😉

A note to my single friends…

Just because you may not have a Valentine this year, I encourage you to still take part in the holiday! It may sound a little woo-woo but I’m a huge believer in the power of intention and mindset.

> Write a list of how you will romance your future partner

> Jot down all of your amazing traits and things you bring to a relationship

> Visualize what love looks like – not just the physical but the emotional aspects, too

> Notice the people around you who are in love and wish them well

And acknowledge the love you already have in your life – it’s not just romantic love! Family, friends, pets, community – all of it counts. Like the theme song says, love IS all around!

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Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith dishes advice on sex, dating, and love. She is the author of The Language of Desire and The Psystrology Method

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  • Leila Feb 13, 2015 at 4:45 am

    There are some great ideas here for couples who can’t be together on Valentine’s day. It’s worth remembering too that if you are looking for love with another and you can be loving to yourself on this of all day’s, you will be more likely to find it. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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