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Maybe you have no idea what it’s like to experience true love, so you keep getting sucked into the type of guy who looks like a man on the outside, but inside he’s nothing but a man child.

We call these guys F@#k boys.

How did they get this name?

A F@#k boy comes on strong at first, giving you a type of love that seems to be exactly what you’re looking for.

You think you’ve finally found the one who sees you for who you are.

He’s so good at doing what he does, you begin to trust him fully.

On the outside he seems perfect.

He keeps you hooked by showing you just how great you are and how much you have in common.

You see little things that bother you, but you disregard them because everything else is so great.

You might ask yourself, “Who doesn’t have some problems or slight insecurities?”

This can last up to six months, until he can’t keep up the facade any longer.

Then he starts to pull away.

You don’t know why he’s withdrawing, but you want to hold on to what you had, so you spend your time trying to fix what you think went wrong.

You start feeling like a crazy person, putting in so much effort to fix things.

What did you do to make him pull away?

How could things be so perfect and everything go wrong so fast?

I’m here to tell you…

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You just encountered a F@#k boy – and a F@#k boy will play with your heart until he gets what he wants.

Well, he got what he wanted.

And now he’s starting to pull away and be done with this relationship so he can be on to the next.

What he wanted was you wanting him hardcore.

He wanted you available to serve his needs…

He wanted you as long as it felt new and exciting for him.

And then, Bam!

He’s gone.

I know it’s hard to admit that you fell for a F@#k boy.

But the sooner you can admit it, the better off you’ll be.

I’m not saying you should blame yourself or even blame him.

You are a kindhearted person, and he saw that and took advantage of it.

Does your kindheartedness mean you should blame yourself?

No, of course not!

That’s a beautiful part of yourself.

Should we blame him for being a F@#k Boy?

No, of course not.

For some reason he has found that this kind of behavior makes him feel like a man.

To be able to get a woman to trust him and fall for him is a stroke to his ego.

He thrives on this to get through his day-to-day life, because inside he knows he isn’t a real man at all.

The rush of a new romance is like a drug he needs to get his fix.

We don’t blame men that are like this.

We should feel sorry for them instead.

They can’t help that their egos are so weak.

We have no way of knowing how these men got this way, and it’s not our job to fix them.

It is our job to learn from them: to learn from our experience with them.

What we take away is a lesson that only needs to be learned once.

But if you find yourself not learning from this the first time, then there is some work that needs to be done to help you stop attracting these kind of men and find a true loving man.

If you’re needing some help with dating and relationships or your online dating profile, contact me, Rogue, at and start experiencing true love.

Love, Rogue

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Rogue Pence

“Rogue” is an accomplished relationship coach, wife, and mother of four that really knows how to dive into a woman’s love life and turn it around. By using tools that helped her turn her 15 year marriage around, she can help you turn yours around. Rogue has worked with women for 15 years in the nail industry, she listened and coached woman by giving advice and counsel on any situation they were in. Rogue has a heart of gold that can relate to women because of her own personal struggles and hearing other women’s. She seeks to help any women that finds herself stuck, lonely or frustrated by love.

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