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An attractive and polished look opens the door, but these 8 behaviors determine if you get that second date–or not.

Second Date Chances: How to Get the Second Date You Want!Some women simply weren’t taught good manners. Others forget them when they’re feeling nervous or insecure.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely the latter 🙂

Don’t let that ruin the first impression you make.

Avoid these 8 behaviors and he’ll think you’re a classy dater:

Classy Daters Never Forget to Say Thank You

This is the easiest of all, yet so many seem to forget it. I have a family member who NEVER says thank you when she’s treated to a meal.

This attitude of entitlement is a huge turn-off to dates, friends and family.

Always say thank you and show your appreciation.

Classy Daters Don’t Ignore Other’s Needs

When a server asks the table if anything else is needed, I’ve seen women immediately say no and send them away… as if it’s ALL about them.

Polite women speak only for themselves and ask if anyone else needs something.

Classy Daters Aren’t Rude to Staff

I seen women on dates boss the staff around. Exhibit an “I’m-better-than-you” attitude. Perhaps they thought this was cute or they were trying to impress their dates, but unless he was a bigger jerk, I’m sure he wasn’t impressed.

Embarrassed is more like it.

We really should be grateful for EVERYONE who makes our life easier.

Classy Daters Aren’t Fashionably Late

A high value, quality man is very time-conscious. Take his time for granted and that will likely be the first (and last) date.

Being late is NEVER fashionable. Respect other people’s time.

Classy Daters Don’t Ignore Dietary Needs 

Today, eating is not as simple as it used to be. We’ve got all sorts of dietary needs: vegans, vegetarians, kosher, and a myriad of food allergies.

Avoid putting your date on the spot with an awkward situation. Tell him in advance if you have any special dietary needs.

Be as simple and easy-going as possible.

I know a woman who makes it feel like a huge burden for EVERYONE she’s with when out to eat. She creates a highly stressful atmosphere, grilling waiters, frowning and turning up her nose at menus.

No one wants to eat out with her. Don’t be like her.

Classy Daters Don’t One-Up

I used to be guilty of this one. Not because I was actually trying to out-do or impress him. I was just trying to build rapport by sharing common ground.

Well, turns out this isn’t the best way to go about it… A guy I dated told me he felt I was trying to one-up him.


If he’s visited 16 countries and you visited 34, your first date is not the time to bring it up.

Instead, go deeper on what he shared. Ask questions about what he’s told you.

That’s a better way to create rapport. If things move forward, he’ll eventually find out how well-traveled you are and be impressed 🙂

Classy Daters Don’t Complain 

Are your seats so far back you can’t see the stage? Was the table with a view accidentally given to someone else?

Find one thing you like about him – A great date knows how to have a good time—no matter what. If all else fails, no matter how a date was going, and even if we don’t click… I always have fun.

Last, and most importantly, here’s what classy daters are…

Classy Daters Are Good-Natured 

A good-natured woman is a magnet for quality men. And who knows?

I’ve known women who impressed their dates SO much, that although they weren’t a fit, that one-off date turned into a friendship.

And that new friend introduced them to their future boyfriend or husband.

Always be a woman of class on every date. No matter what.

With love and in service,

Rhonda Cort

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