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Here are 5 ‘no-brainer’ reasons to use online dating sites:

Reason Number One: There are MILLIONS of men online dating who are SINGLE and LOOKING for a long-term committed relationship.

Reason Number TwoOnline dating sites are set-up specifically to help single people meet each other (and for this reason there are MILLIONS of single men who are using these sites)

Reason Number Three: The sites don’t cost much and many of the best ones are FREE (and for this reason there are MILLIONS of single men on them)

Reason Number FourYou don’t have to get dressed up or leave the house to get lots of introductions (and for this reason there are MILLIONS of single men who see online dating as a great way to meet a woman)

If you’re not getting the subtle point I’m making here.

Reason Number FiveThere are MILLIONS of men dating online who are SINGLE and LOOKING for a long-term committed relationship!

Why, If You’re Single, You MUST Go Online Dating Now!And yet, no-one wants to date online.

Why is that?

Let me ask you this:

If you were house hunting, where would you go?

An Estate Agent, or if you’re in the US, a Realtor?

Of course you would!

You’d go where you know all the house sellers advertise their homes.

So why don’t we want to online date when we know it’s the number one place to meet single men?

What I hear from my clients every day AND what I thought when I experienced it was that online dating was full of:

  • Awful looking men sending a message just saying ‘hi!’
  • Young men just wanting sex.
  • Men never suggesting meeting.
  • Men emailing for weeks and not taking it anywhere.
  • Lots of awful looking men!
  • Men not looking like their photos when you meet them.
  • Men not putting the effort in.
  • Lots of awful looking men!!
  • Meeting the same type of men over and over who disappear after a couple of dates or act like love-sick puppy dogs.
  • And lots of awful looking men!!!

At any one time in the UK there are over 500,000 people on POF and 50,000 people on

And when you get those sorts of numbers in one place, you’re going to get a cross-section of society.

You’re going to get lots of EVERY kind of man.

So, let’s focus on the FACTS:

There are over 10 MILLION ACTIVE online daters in the UK according to industry group the Online Dating Association (ODA)

Online dating is the largest single way in which relationships start in the UK today and I’ve not doubt in the US too.

And you’ve heard lots of success stories about couples meeting online and having great relationships.

It’s just that you haven’t… YET!

The reason we don’t want to online date is because it triggers us. 

It triggers our feelings of disappointment, judgement, loneliness etc

And because finding someone is so important to us, it triggers us deeply.

The feelings of disappointment and frustration that come up after you receive an email from a man who looks like he hasn’t seen a shower in over a decade isn’t his fault.

He’s just a soap-shy man who’s doing his best and wants to love and be loved.

The feelings and emotions that come up have to do with our fear of not getting what we want, maybe our fear of intimacy or even our fear of getting what we do want.

Feeling the feelings, acknowledging the thoughts and dating through them is what will get you to your happy ever after.

So, if being triggered is good, then what you want are lots of opportunities to get triggered.

Hmmmm. I wonder. Where could you go to get triggered?

Oh I know.

Somewhere where there are lots and lots and lots of single men looking for a relationship, just like you!



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