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Internationally known relationship expert Michael Fiore reveals the amazingly effective technique “The Facebook Love Bomb” to create astonishing romance in your life… even if you’re dead broke.


It’s Mike Fiore . . .

And TODAY I’m going to teach you an incredibly romantic and 100% FREE “trick” for turning your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend into a ball of sensual goo who brags about you obnoxiously and stops really caring if you load the dishwasher EXACTLY how they want you to . . .

Even better this “trick” (and it’s free, I promise) will have your “Special Person’s” family grinning like polite hyenas at what a wonderful man or woman you’ve found . . .

AND it’ll make your partner’s friends (and probably yours too) FEROCIOUSLY JEALOUS . . .

Sounds cool, huh?

OK, Let’s DO THIS!

David L. asks:

“Hey, Mike. So glad you’re back sending us this stuff. I’ve grabbed a couple of your programs and they’re awesome. Plus I’ve devoured a ton of your articles on your site. Here’s my question though: I love my girlfriend like crazy. I mean, she’s the best thing to ever happen to me. I tell her that all the time but I want to do something for her that’ll just BLOW HER AWAY . . . I’ve thought about all sorts of crazy grand gestures like a big diamond or a trip to Paris but . . . well, I’m kind of broke. Is there a way I can make her understand just how valuable and amazing she is to me without having to go to a loan shark?”


Hey David, awesome question and I’ve got an even more awesome answer for you:

I’ll tell you right now that the absolute best way I’ve ever seen (or done) to make a woman feel truly loved, appreciated, desired and celebrated is by using a technique called . . .

The Facebook Love Bomb 

I’m going to explain exactly what that is and how to use it (heck, I’m going to let you STEAL my own Facebook Love Bomb) in just a second . . .

But first I gotta cover two important things:

Important Thing 1Money Can’t Buy You Love (And “Cheap” Romance Is Usually The BEST Romance) 

Listen: I get that you want to shout to the world that your girlfriend is a stupendous and astonishing woman and you’re lucky to have her . . .

And I know the diamond and flower industry have TRAINED all of us to think that the way to show somebody you LOVE them is by risking your knee caps to borrow thousands of dollars from the mob so you can hire a plane to skywrite “I Love You Hel . . .” (I guess you couldn’t afford the last two letters?)

But the fact is that most women (except shallow gold diggers) don’t care how much a romantic gesture COSTS . . . they care how SINCERE it is, how VULNERABLE it is and how much they can brag about it to their friends.

The fact is, you could spend every dime you have to have the Harlem Globe Trotters show up at your place and perform a basketball-and-love-themed musical and it wouldn’t make her feel as crazily LOVED as the free thing I’m going to teach you right here.

(Tangentially: Did you know that the LESS you spend on your wedding the MORE likely you are to “go the distance?” Totally true. Folks with really expensive weddings get divorced WAY more often than folks who keep it “reasonable” or even skip the “big ceremony” and go to the courthouse. Why? No one knows for sure, but I think it’s because couples who keep it “cheap” are more focused on each other and less focused on impressing folks. Plus a huge wedding can put a couple into horrifying debt – which causes fights – and put a TON of pressure on a couple to be “perfect.)

2. Romance Isn’t COOL (And if you want to be REALLY romantic you have to be willing to look like a total DORK.) 

David, you already sound like the kind of guy who would gladly pull a “John Cusack from ‘Say Anything’” with no regards how it makes you look, but for everybody else . . .

Being truly ROMANTIC means putting you and your love OUT there and being EMOTIONALLY vulnerable in a way that can scare the living bejeezus out of you . . .

But when you suck it up, stop trying to be “cool” and realize that being “embarrassed” for being openly in love is pretty stupid you’ll be ecstatic at the smile that spreads across your woman’s face and the twinkle in her eye.

Got it?


Because now it’s time for YOU to learn how to do . . .

The Facebook Love Bomb!

The Facebook Love Bomb is when you write your sincere, vulnerable and decidedly “uncool” feelings for the woman (or man) in your life on her Facebook wall for EVERYBODY to see (and then stare in slack jawed wonder as the “likes” pile on and the comments flood in with women saying “why can’t I get that?????”)

Need an example of a “Nuclear Powered” Facebook Love Bomb?

Well, I just happen to have one.

In fact, this bit below is a Facebook Love Bomb I wrote on my (amazing) Girlfriend’s wall about a week ago (I cleared it with her before sending this to you. She just asked that I take her name out so she doesn’t get death threats =-)) . . .

Here it is:

“How the heck did I, Michael Fiore, skinny, self-loathing weirdo geek from Podunk Grafton mass end up with (REDACTED) the most gorgeous, amazing, brilliant, supportive, caring, snarky, hilarious and terrifying woman in the world?

The mind truly boggles. It’s hard to truly get mad about anything when you have a woman like this in your life. She makes me feel like I can walk through walls and wrestle dragons and like the most honored and respect-worthy man in the world. Every time I look at her she inspires me to grow to truly be the powerful, beautiful, fierce, living, intense and *worthy* man I see reflected in her eyes. I’ve said the words “I love you” many times and thought I was being genuine, but loving and being loved and accepted by this astonishing creature of delicious femininity makes me realize I never even knew what the word meant before. Every 6 weeks or so something shifts and we fall a little further and I smile and inhale her breathe and think “oh, *now* I know what love is.”

I adore you, baby. I celebrate you. I love watching the looks on people’s faces as you stride powerfully and confidently by. I love giggling and fencing with our wits for hours on the couch. I love the way you wrap your arms around me and tuck my face into the warm crook of your neck and shoulder and make me feel strong and lovable and *worthy* without ever resorting to bullshit platitudes like “everything is going to be ok.” I love that you beam when I give you compliments and laugh loud and pure when you like my jokes and look at me knowing i am a good man and I am your man and what we have is fantastic and true and growing and changing every day. I feel like an asshole being in this love with you when I know so well what it’s like to be in a truly shitty relationship and that most people will never get to experience what we have for 5 minutes, never mind the years and perhaps even decades to come where I get to be there with you and be there for you and dance and play as the silly inner me asks the silly inner you to drop the act and come to Mike and (REDACTED) world where communication is loving and easy and the best is assumed way before the worst and the “work” of the relationship is the most fun I’ve ever had.

Thank you, baby. Thank you so much.”



Decidedly “Uncool” huh? I posted that on her wall and then felt a smile spread across my face as her friends, mom and even complete strangers GUSHED and as the love of my life said very, very sweet things about me in return.

And then that night after work we cuddled up and she stared me in the eyes and said “That was awesome that you did that” and . . . um, the rest is private.

The Key To An Effective And Powerful Facebook Love Bomb Is . . . 

1. It needs to be RANDOM. It’s tempting to save this kind of outpouring of affection and awesomeness for your anniversary, a birthday, the day the kids are finally out of the house and you can be humans again or some other BIG EVENT . . .

But if you want to have a truly amazing relationship, you drop a “Facebook Love Bomb” like this on a totally random and NORMAL day when she’s not expecting anything at all. (In fact, random acts of romance peppered through “normal” days and months does WAY more for your relationship than any kind of big grand gesture or expensive piece of jewelry – unless she really does just want you for your money.)

Also, don’t try using a “Love Bomb” as a way to make up after a fight. That will backfire BADLY. This technique is to be used when things are “pretty good” and you want them to get better.

2. It Needs To Be TRUE.

This should probably go without saying, but folks can smell BS in a “Love Bomb” a mile away. You need to fill your message with how you ACTUALLY feel, not how you think you SHOULD feel or how she WANTS you to feel.

Now, you might be thinking “Mike, this sounds both terrifying and cool, but how do I do it? I mean, I’m not a writer like you are.”

Which is a totally valid question.

The answer is that you don’t need to be a “writer” or anything like that and a good Love Bomb doesn’t need to be long and prettily-written to be effective.

I mean, just putting something up there as simple as: “I wake up every day feeling grateful and greedy at the amazing woman next to me. Thanks, babe. I love you.” will do WONDERS.

All you really need to do for an effective “Love Bomb” is focus on ONE THING about your partner that makes you feel LUCKY and puts a smile on your face. Just ONE thing.

And then celebrate that thing in public (uhh. So it probably shouldn’t be a sex thing.)

But actually, if you want HELP creating messages just like what I wrote above (but tuned and specialized for that special man or lady in your life) . . .

Then you need to go check out this video right now . . .


In this video you’ll learn all about my famous “Text The Romance Back” program which teaches you how to use tiny little text messages from the cell phone you have in your pocket or purse right now to create astonishing romance at the push of a button . . .

PLUS you’ll learn about my secret “Facebook Romance Secrets” program which tells you EXACTLY how to create your OWN Facebook Love Bombs . . .

Cool, huh?

A Couple Important Things Before We Go 

1. DO NOT use “The Facebook Love Bomb” on somebody you only recently met or are just casually “dating” as it’s WAY too serious for that kind of situation.

2. LADIES – you don’t get off the hook. Men LOVE having their women brag about them online, especially if you throw in something about how physically attractive you find him and how much you RESPECT him.

3. Seriously, this video about Text The Romance Back 2.0 is well worth your time even if you don’t decide to invest in the program. Go check it out:

Go Watch The Video Now

Got it?

Michael Fiore

Founder, Digital Romance, Inc

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Michael Fiore

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