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An emotional affair is arguably more serious than a physical affair and can be more problematic to your relationship.

When a man is disconnecting emotionally, you can look out for certain signs, however, your intuition will have likely picked up on the disconnection before you are consciously aware of any changes or harboring strong suspicions. Therefore, the first signs to notice are changes within yourself.

Anxiety or Urgency

  • Are you feeling an increase in general anxiety that comes in the forms of nervousness, a generally feeling of heightened arousal or unrest in your body or lack of appetite?
  • Are you feeling an increase of urgency toward your partner and found yourself filling in the gaps and picking up the slack in the relationship?
  • Have you sensed less of an interest in him wanting to spend quality time, be affectionate, or tell you he loves you?
  • Have you found yourself “leaning-in” for affection, initiating the sex more frequently and suggesting the plans?

Here are some other signs to look for in his behavior if he is engaging in an emotional affair:

The Mention of a New “Friend”

He may be spending time with this person or messaging with her online. He may be under the impression that the relationship is innocent and so he shares information about the person with you and is open about their time spent together. On the other hand he may be more secretive about the “friendship”.

In this case he will be careful not to leave his phone near you unattended. He places it face down on the table, bedside, or bathroom counter. He brings his phone to the bathroom and seems to have a more active bladder than ever before!

Less Patience With You

If your partner is participating in an emotional affair, he will be short tempered with you and will leave you feeling like you’ve done something wrong. He will seem irritable or easily agitated and may leave you asking questions like, “What’s wrong?” which only help to create distance with a man.

His emotions are being filled externally, outside of your relationship,and therefore his need for closeness with you will be hindered. He’ll be generally less affectionate.

Lack of Interest in Sex

Because a man’s desires and attraction are linked to his emotional connection, you may also find a lack of interest in sex and cuddling.

Keep an eye out for new clothing items, a change in style, or new sudden interests.

Megan Weks

Megan Weks is an international dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping women get the admiration they deserve from men, and to keep it. She is a certified dating and relationship coach but considers her biggest credential as her decade long dating experience in NYC on the quest for her now soulmate. Through her studies on relationship and trial-and-error, she was able to transform from crumb-picking and obsessing over men to being called “The Man Whisperer”.

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  • Dilen Apr 17, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Iam in a love relationship since 4 years. Everything is so good between us.My boyfriend is very much loyal,caring,loving person.But the only thing is he is practical & I am emotional.He expresses his feelings less.How can I make him a emotional lover? How can I make him express his feelings for me?


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