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We hear countless reasons why high value, attractive, successful, relationship-ready women aren’t impressed or attracted to the men they date.

Qualities of Men that Women Truly Love!Some of these reasons, let’s face it are down to being too picky, but I’ve identified from my female matchmaking and coaching clients, the qualities in men that initially attracted them the most.

There are universal and distinct differences between the men, which have the “edge” and inspire that spark of intrigue, and attraction in women; and those who are forgotten by the time she gets home from the first date.

Looks, wealth and success have some importance but for a relationship to last we know, more substance is needed.

As a Matchmaker, my objective is to introduce impressive potential matches with “edge” to my clients, and here are the 12 qualities, which I’ve learned spark the most interest and inspire attraction in smart, relationship-minded women

For you, great Singles Men with a lot to offer in a relationship, here are the qualities which shouldn’t be underestimated as being sexy to a great woman.

12 Ways to Attract a High-Value Relationship- Minded Women

1. Be Pro-Active Not Reactive

Have a plan and clear goals in dating. Make an effort; take the initiative and take the lead by making plans and following through.

2. Be Laser Focused About What You Want in a Relationship

Know what you are looking for in a relationship and why. Gain clarity about what it will look and feel like, and take consistent action to attract it with class, quite confidence, and style.

3. Be Honest and Have Integrity

Be honest and respectful with the women you date and don’t feel that spark for. Even it means she may be upset with you. If you’re not sure, communicate it in a kind way. No benching, breadcrumbing or ghosting. You’ll always be respected for being honourable if even it is a little later.

4. Be Kind, Thoughtful, Caring & Generous

Only invest time with women, because you care and genuinely want to, not because you’re going to gain something in return.

Be upfront about whether you’re looking for casual dating or a relationship. If it isn’t a match, don’t mislead her, and let her go before intimacy.

Have a spirit of generosity with your time, energy and appreciate that dating means paying for the first few dates at least.

5. Be Mentally Tough (A Hero)

It’s inspiring for a woman to know you can manage and handle challenging life situations with low drama, dignity, and class, and aren’t too proud to ask for support if you need it.

6. Be Comfortable Communicating

Be open and honest, about what you want and need and listen equally attentively. Express yourself with certainty and humility.

7. Be Romantic

Consistent heartfelt thoughtful and meaningful gestures make a big impact, starting with being genuine, and approaching her as a friend, not a conquest. This keeps you in her mind and eventually into her heart.

8. Be Decisive

Make decisions with confidence; if it’s planning a date, and you’re not sure if your date will like it, decide the place anyway. If your date suggests somewhere else, the way you convince her it’s a great choice and why you think she will love it, without floundering is impressive.

9. Have Clear Boundaries

Have clear boundaries and communicate directly in a calm way when someone has crossed them so your good nature isn’t taken advantage of.

10. Be Charming

Consciously bring a good energy to your date and inspire great conversation. Regardless if you see each other again, leave her with a good feeling.

11. Know Your Value and Be Humble

Be quietly confident and feel good about yourself, without trying too hard to please your date, needing too much attention, or validation.

If it happens, which it does to all of us at some point, handle rejection with grace, don’t take it personally and respect the decision your date has made not to progress your connection, and move on.

12. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Have the ability not to take yourself too seriously, and laugh at yourself from time to time, especially when dating. Be light hearted, and easy to be with, and have a smart sense of humour.

We’re all imperfectly perfect for the right partner. 

Embracing these 12 qualities in a genuine way, will give you the advantage over many forgettable men, and take you closer, faster to your ideal high-value woman.

Always have in mind:

a) What does the woman/man I want to attract want?

b) What qualities inspire him/her that I am not practicing as much?

c) What can I do to develop these qualities?

Doing this in an authentic way gives you the edge in dating and closer to your perfect match.

Maria Christie

Maria Christie, is Founder, Matchmaker and Certified Life Coach of Selective Matches, an International Personal Matchmaking Service based in Cyprus.


For membership enquiries to Selective Matches or if you would like to discover how my smart date coaching can fully prepare you for successful dating and secure a quality relationship, do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a complimentary 90 minute initial skype coaching session at

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