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Text Messages to Have More Romance in RelationshipThink back to a happy moment in your relationship. Why were you happy? Was it because of some over the top gift? Like an exotic vacation, or an expensive piece of jewelry?

Or was it because of a series of little gestures and thoughts? Little things that your partner did that made you feel loved, valued, desired and respected? Such as making your favorite dinner, picking up your dry-cleaning or maybe preparing a special bubble bath for you on Friday night after a rough week?

Successful relationships are made up of a ton of tiny, itsy bitsy generous acts of kindness. Thoughtfulness.

So, how can you start showering your partner with “little things”? Where should you begin? How about personalizing a few of these gems?

Here Are 25 Simple Text Messages That Will Improve Your Relationship:

1. Love Your…

Who doesn’t like a compliment? Be specific with something like: sexy voice, body, etc. (the more unique to them, the bigger the win).

2. Nobody Is as (…) as You.

Fill in the blank with: kind, thoughtful, patient, caring, loving, etc.

3. Good Luck – You’re Going to Be Amazing

Send a little well-timed encouragement before a big event. Little gestures like this make all the difference.

Text Messages to Spice Up Your Romantic Relationship4. Just Sitting Here Thinking of You

Randomly send your partner a “thinking of you” message, and make sure to let them know WHY, for example “Just heard our song on the radio…

5. I Miss You

Want to make it even more effective? Personalize! I miss your touch, voice, smell, etc.

6. I’m So Lucky to Have You in My Life

Top this message off with “because” and you are almost sure to score a kiss.

7. I’m Running Late

One word: RESPECT. Respect your partner’s time and keep them informed.

8. I Have a Little Surprise for You…

Kids are not the only ones who love surprises. Adults are crazy about them too. Spontaneity is the lifeblood of long-term relationships.

9. Thank You for Spoiling Me (With…)

Breakfast in bed, by picking up the kids, buying the groceries, taking me out to dinner, etc. show appreciation.

10. I Love You

Spice it up with: more each day, just the way you are, etc. Give yourself permission to get down with your Hallmark self!

11. Let Me Know When You Get There

Nothing says:I care more than this message, especially for the ladies.

12. You’re the Best

Everyone wants and needs to feel loved.

13. Sweet Dreams

If you normally sleep in the same bed, but are forced to be apart, be there in spirit by sending a goodnight text kiss, even if you just spoke to them on the phone.

14. Have a Wonderful Day

The trick to the “have a nice day” message is timing and content. Change up your tone between sweet, humorous and sexy. “Have a nice day, and get ready for an even better night…

15. I’m sorry…I’ll Make It Up to You Later

People that are close don’t need 1000 words to say sorry. It’s less about the words, more about the action.

16. How Can I Help?

Even better?Let me take care of…Both men and women love to be nurtured.

17. Happy Anniversary

Cards, presents and a text message are the new standard. Why not write something creative, such as a romantic story staring the birthday boy or girl?

18. Happy Birthday

You may have already said it to them in the morning and are planning on celebrating it together in the evening, but don’t miss the chance to spoil them via text throughout the day.

19. Merry Christmas

Even if you are celebrating together, never forget to send a little Christmas text. Make it cute and flirty –Meet me under the mistletoe at midnight” or “Want to see what’s on my naughty list?” The fact that you are sending it while you are in the same room with your partner makes it even more intimate.

20. Happy Halloween

Costumes aren’t just for kids…if you get my drift. Buy something sexy and send him or her a teaser photo of what type of treat is waiting for them later. Not into Halloween? You can also tease your partner with well thought out romantic or sexy photos on the other 364 days of the year!

21. Careful, You’re Playing With Fire…

Always remind them of the ‘consequences’ of their teasing – nothing ramps up excitement like fear of being caught.

22. Stop Being So Adorable

You could also use: sexy, amazing, perfect, wonderful, etc.

23. Want to Know a Secret?

Pick your tone and make your text either sexy, or sweet, such as: “I can’t stop thinking about last night”, or “Your smile lights up my morning 🙂

24. Guess What I’m Doing?

This is a really good message to start a text conversation. You can decide if you want it to be sexy by following up with: “I’m in bed naked waiting for you” or sweetI’m at the store buying all the ingredients for your favorite dinner”.

25. I Want You

Here’s the ONE exception. There is no real need to personalize this oldie but goodie.

Poems and roses are great, but nothing is as simple as a few straightforward text messages to spice up your partner’s day, every day. Love it, or hate it, texting is here to stay. So, instead of fighting it, embrace it!

Don’t waste the amazing opportunity that text messages hold, harness their power instead by sending your partner one of these 25 simple text messages today.

Happy texting!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is passionate about communication & helping people improve their relationships.

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      Thank you so much Pine 🙂 I hope your week’s off to a great start! bisous, Claudia

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      Hi Sherry,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad that you like the article 🙂
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