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So with the holidays upon us it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of it all…

Massive to-do lists, wrestling the shopping crowds and not to mention get-togethers that often bring up stressful family dynamics!

So here are a few 5 minutes practices you can do to release stress and re-energize you these holidays. Use them. And let them bring you back to your centre so you can truly enjoy those you love these holidays. (In and out of the bedroom!)

#1 Bust a Move!

That’s it! When it all gets a bit too much, take some time out to put on your favourite tune and shake that thing!

Studies have shown that when you listen to your favorite music, your brain releases the chemical dopamine which makes you feel great. This, combined with moving your whole body, gets the blood pumping, energy flowing and a genuine smile on your face.

These days you could even escape a nightmare family occasion, whip your earphones in, turn up your ipod/iphone and bust a move in the bathroom, or outside for 5 minutes…And nobody would even notice you were gone! …But you’ll return a different person.

# 2 Breathe!!!

How you breathe has a MASSIVE effect on whether you feel relaxed and energized, or anxious and exhausted! It also impacts your ability to connect in intimacy and feel pleasure in lovemaking.

For example, breathing too fast or shallow makes you feel anxious. Breathing too slow can make you sleepy. Similarly if you breathe in more than out, you’ll have trouble ‘letting go’, and if you breathe out more than in, you lose connection with your body and how you feel!

Bottom line is, a balanced, full breath is the best!

#3 Pleasure & Freedom!

For women: Never underestimate the power of pleasure!

Pleasure is essential for women’s well-being. In our fast paced, busy life pleasure is an often forgotten tonic that enhances your mood and increases your vitality. (AKA makes you feel good and gives you more energy!!)

When you feel pleasure, your body relaxes, and releases endorphins and in particular a wonderful hormone called oxytosin, which makes you feel relaxed, juicy, alive, and connected.

Just do anything that feels pleasurable in your body and get that oxytosin flowing. It’ll be sooo much easier to ‘cope’ with the stress of the holidays! Also helps you get ‘in the mood’.

For Men: Holiday stress can tend to feel like a ‘burden’ for men. The antidote for that is freedom! So when it all gets a bit much, do something, do anything that makes you feel free. Even just 5 minutes of peace and quiet to yourself can do the trick.

That quiet space, gives your body time to regenerate testosterone too, which helps you regenerate a sense of inner power, re-energizes your body, clears the mind and helps you to cope with any stress that comes up.

#4 Body Shaking

This looks a bit whacky, but is a powerful tantric practice that releases accumulated tension and ‘frees up’ latent energy from the whole body.

It also increases blood circulation which oxygenates the brain and body, increases lymph circulation to detox the cells and get rid of that ‘sluggish’ feeling (Bonus = increases immune function.)

All you do is, spend 5-10 minutes gently shaking the body all over. You can start with extremities like fingers, hands and up the arms. Then toes, feet, up the legs until whole body is gently shaking. Trust me, after 5 minutes of body shaking, stand still for a moment and notice how your whole body is ‘buzzing’ with energy!


Lisa Page

If you’re ready to create a deeply inspired and soul satisfying life and relationship, then Lisa page is your woman! She’s been exploring the deeper truths of life, love and intimacy for 20 years, and for the last 12 years as an International Speaker, Women’s Wellness & Relationship Expert, and Founder of ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’, Lisa has coached women and couples from around the world both personally, and through her workshops and online programs.

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