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7 Texting Mistakes That Can Ruin Your RelationshipWhen you’re at the start of a new, perfect relationship, it’s hard to imagine the demise of something so beautiful. But over time, things change, and people start taking each other for granted.

Big mistake!

Guys – don’t fall victim to bad communication habits. Beware of these 7 common texting mistakes that can ruin any relationship.

1) Stop Writing Her Name When You Text

There are probably certain things that you did at the start of your relationship that made her fall head over heels for you, such as; holding her hand, kissing her hello, or surprising her with something special.

I would also bet that you started each text exchange with her name.

There’s something about the sound of your name on your lovers’ tongue (or text) that makes you feel special, and words likebabe”, “honey”, or “sweetie just can’t compete.

You want to turn her off? Don’t even bother writing hello.

2) Only Text Her When It’s About You

Looking to be replaced? Fill your texts with your problems, your thoughts, your feelings, and ignore hers.

You might get away with it for a while, but she’ll eventually realize you’re a selfish a** who only communicates when he needs something, and she’ll move on to someone less self-centered.

3) Don’t Answer Her Questions

Want to let her know that you really, really don’t care about her? Stop answering her questions.

Show some respect and don’t ignore her. If you don’t care enough to answer, she’ll get the message pretty quickly, despite you not sending it.

4) Make Her Feel Insecure

7 Texting Mistakes That Can Ruin Your RelationshipNothing says security in a relationship more than open communication. A man who makes a woman feel safe, secure, and appreciated will always be a keeper.

Want to be a jerk? Do the opposite, and flat out don’t answer most of her texts. Even better, text other girls in front of her, or make a big deal out of hiding your phone when you’re together.

5) Text Her When You’re Angry

Feeling hurt and looking for someone to take it out on? Yes, definitely text her. There’s nothing like angry, thoughtless texts sent in the heat of the moment to stir things up (and not in a good way).

Thinking about waiting until you’ve calmed down to let her know how you feel? Don’t bother, that’s how people stay together.

6) Never Compliment Her When She’s Made an Obvious Effort

There’s nothing quite like feeling genuinely appreciated. It brings couples closer together, and provides a clear signal that you are invested in the relationship.

So next time she goes out of her way to make your favorite breakfast before leaving for work, don’t text her thank you when you walk downstairs and find it. Really, don’t. Ignore the effort, and she’ll never make that mistake again.

7) Only Send Sexts

Messages filled with tenderness, thoughtfulness, and humor? Forget it. Only send her texts about one thing: sex.

Even better yet, ignore her cute messages, and reply with a raunchy image.

She’ll soon realize what’s important to you.

Just as texting can be an excellent way to cement your connection, it can also quickly destroy a good thing. If you’re looking to be alone again, there’s definitely more than a few messages you can send (or not send) that will ensure disaster. Text with care, and avoid these bad communication habits.

Claudia Cox

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    You really need to be do something beautiful if you want a perfect relationship through texting. thank you for sharing Claudia.


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