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“Every love relationship needs a good healthy dose of intimacy to be strong and survive.” ~ Emily Anne Webber

IntimacyMore Intimacy in Relationship? Here’s How to Get It Done… goes way beyond the physical, even though for many couples, making love is the “go to” way to feel and show intimacy and closeness.

Here we go with 9 fun ways you can increase the intimacy in your love life without ever taking your clothes off (but that’s fun, too!)

1. Turn Off the TV, Put Down the Cell Phone, and Stop Checking Your Email

Not forever, just for a time when you are at home with your sweetie. Give each other some attention! Talk to each other about your day. Have a conversation that doesn’t involve the kiddos.

2. Touch Each Other 

Too, too often I hear, especially from women, that the only time her man touches her is when he is “in the mood.” Hold hands, hug, and kiss. Look each other in the eye. How long has it been since you’ve done that?

3. Give Each Other a Surprise

Everybody loves a surprise! It can be as simple as bringing your sweetie a cup of coffee in bed to leaving a sweet note on their bathroom mirror. My favorite is when my hubby, Charlie, leaves me a tiny box of Godiva chocolates! Surprises bring back the feelings of sweetness and new love!

4. Think Romantic Thoughts About Your Sweetheart the Last 5 Minutes Before Sleep

Even better, think about how great it’s going to be when you make love again! This is the energy of romance! It’s Law of Attraction at its best… believe it, feel it and then you will see it!

5. Get Out of the House Together for a While

Take a walk. Go to a movie. Grab a coffee together. Intimacy and romance are too often lost or at least postponed in the busy arena of home life.

More Intimacy in Relationship? Here’s How to Get It Done…6. Tell Each Other One Thing Every Day That They Do That You Are Grateful For

Make it personal. Make it sincere. Make it loveable. It can be as simple as thanking them for washing the dishes or an appreciation for how hard they work.

7. Sit in the Car and Make Out

Seriously! Do it because it’s fun and silly and makes you feel like you did when you were new! Do it because you get 10 minutes alone together! Do it because it can lead to other fun things! Wink!

8. Turn on the Music and Dance!

Even if you don’t know how to dance, just wiggle! It’s hard to be serious when you are dancing! And it’s a way to laugh with and at each other, in the kindest possible way!

9. Say, “I love you” With Feeling

No rote, obligatory ones. The good kind. The “look each other in the eye, speak from your heart kind.” You remember them? They feel so good!

Creating more intimacy in your relationship without taking your clothes off is fun! It’s simple! And it can lead to a deeper connection, a soul-nurturing kind of connection with your Love!

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