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There is a lot of talk going around about what a “Real Man” does.

Silhouettes of Men Posing as True Man With FashionSuch as, “a Real Man holds your hand in front of his friends” or this gem “A Real Man will hold when you are sad and tell you that you are beautiful.”

Well how about this instead “A Real Man manages his money.”

We have somehow become a society where a sweet gesture means more than being a leader, taking care of your family and being an all-around decent person.

Now before you start with the Money is the root of all evil” or some other nonsense like calling her a Gold Digger!”

Let me stop you.

I teach all of my clients 3 principles. I teach them specifically because they are the top 3 searches on the entire Web.

Take care of yourself, take care of your Mission and take care of your Relationships. You see it is crucial that you be able to manage your finances as a man.

And here is why…

1. Money and your Health.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, what you put into your body matters. So, if all you can afford is Ramen you shouldn’t expect to be “fit”. Good food costs money and good food leads to good health. Plus if you are always broke; how will you take her out for dinner?

2. Money and your work.

Your mission in life is a Catch 22. You don’t earn enough to make you want to stay and you don’t earn enough to leave. You are stuck. Held prisoner by money and tied to a job you hate or at a minimum has you wishing it were Friday so you can get the Hell out of that place. You are basically left with a few choices, sell everything and start over,  keep living on Ramen hoping one day you have saved enough to venture out on your own or learn the basics of money and put it to work for you so you can break free of the cycle.

Happy Couple Holding Money3. Money and Women.

You would think this would be obvious. But still everyday some clown emails me wanting to know how he can “get her to go out on a date, but I only have 20 bucks and I need to put gas in my car.” Well the answer is DON’T ask her out! Look, quality women don’t really care how much money you have, they just want to know you can pay your rent. They want to know that if you two develop a relationship, you can afford it. So if you want to date a woman who travels the Globe, you at least have to be able to afford to keep up.

So stop trying to find the perfect gesture of a “Real Man” and actually start acting like one.

Pay your bills, manage your money and take care of your business.

Joe Gaspard

Joe is an NASM CPT, a Le Crodon Bleu trained chef, a US Army Vet and teaches men thrive in life.

Check out Joe’s site The Habitual Man. Be The Man. Be The Boss. Get The Girl.

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