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Text Conversation Tips and Advices to Keep It AliveHave you ever found yourself at a roadblock in your text conversation with nowhere to turn? Ever dug deep down into your witty text convo book and come up with a big fat nothing?

It happens to the best of us – at the worst of times. Yep, every now and then, text conversations just…die.

But we were having such a good time!’ you cry.

All you want to do is go back to the magical moment when the texts were coming in hard and fast and pin-point that exact second where it started to struggle for breath and then – DELETE.

Well, too bad, you can’t.

BUT, if you desperately want a second go, there are a few simple things you can do to give your convo a kick up the behind, and press restart on your love life.

Ready to breathe some new life into that floundering text conversation? Get some gloves on, it’s ready to learn 7 new text resuscitation techniques or CPR (Conversation Paralyses Resuscitation).

1. Pay Attention

Pay attention to them, what they are saying and how they are saying it – and go from there.

Do they leave any unfinished thoughts lying around that you could pick up and drag back?

Do they show a strong interest in one thing in particular you’ve been texting about?

Read the signals and return to that topic.

2. Ask Questions (That Are Dying to Be Answered)

If the conversation is going nowhere, ask a question that starts a whole new conversation.

Why? Because, What’s up?’ is not a burning question that is going to reignite those hot and heavy flirty vibes that were going on ten minutes ago. Ask questions that not only have an interesting answer, but that also showcase your playful side.

For example, “I have a life-changing decision to make, could you help me out?…Pizza or pasta?

3. Play a Texting Game

If you want to bring your text conversation back to it’s glory days, why not try a little text game? Next time the texts start to thin out, don’t leave it too long before writing:

Hey, want to play a little game?

It could be 20 questions, or ‘finish my sentence’ (you start a sentence about yourself and they have to finish it). Kudos to you if you pick something super flirty 😉

4. Change the Topic

Did you ever think maybe they purposely killed the text convo because you unknowingly tread on dangerous ground and they weren’t ready to go there yet?

Maybe you got too serious about the two of you, or perhaps you started a conversation that hit a nerve. Go back over your texts and try to pick out any red flags (texts professing undying commitment, radical political views, or an inclination towards dip dish over thin-crust pizza). If you think you’ve found it, change the topic and make a mental note to yourself to keep it changed.

5. Compliment Them

When the going gets rough, pay them a compliment! Nothing opens up a conversation like a well payed compliment – not only is it flattering, but it BEGS a response, and hopefully a nice one too.

Make it honest and authentic and you can’t go wrong.

6. Send a Picture

Sometimes conversations start to falter over text due to distance. They don’t know what to write because they can barely picture your face anymore, so instead, they just write nothing. Fix this with a picture! It doesn’t have to be anything naughty, even just a picture of you watching TV from your favorite chair, or walking through the park that the two of you used to run in can reignite that feeling of closeness and bring the conversation back to life.

7. Leave It ‘Til Next Time

‘It ain’t over ‘til it’s over’ – but seriously, sometimes it’s just over. If your conversation has well and truly run it’s course and the straws you are grasping at to keep it alive are wearing way too thing – then just let it be.

Say a graceful goodbye, put down the phone, and leave it ‘til next time when you can start afresh.

Think you’re ready to try some text conversation CPR? Then what are you waiting for – get offline and go breath some fresh life into that floundering conversation in your inbox.

Happy texting!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is passionate about communication & helping people improve their relationships.

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