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Having a good communication in a relationship enables couples to understand each other better.

Good Communication Creates a Strong RelationshipThis also can help to resolve any problems that may rise in the household. A good communication builds trust and respect for the couples and a bridge that binds them together forever, it also creates affection, caring for each other and be able to understand the other individual feelings. A healthy communication in a relationship plays vital role in maintaining a relationship status strong for the couples and providing a better deep connection with him/her that’s unbreakable.

What are the key factors for good communication?

There are so many many factors one can take or learn in order to have a good communication.

1. Listening 

Listening is the most important key in having a better communication. I am sure in so many articles or even when you were young your parents use to tell you “listen while I am talking to you.” This does not only require you to state your ideas or point onto your spouse but also it requires you to listen to your spouse as well when he/she is speaking.

In many cases especially when you are in a heated argument with your spouse you find yourself afraid of not being heard or given a fair chance to speak, this only makes it hard for you to put aside whatever your thoughts in your mind and moves you to interrupt your spouse when he/she speaking not only will that be disrespecting your spouse but it will also make you not be heard at all.

It is wiser to make known to your spouse that he/she is being heard when being spoken to and that your attention is fully dedicated to what he/she is saying in that present moment and you understood each and every word being spoken whether its something that you might not agree to it until given the opportunity to speak. Being able to be the kind of partner who listen deepen your connection as a couple.


Show interest in what your spouse is saying to you

Avoid interruptions while your spouse is speaking

Avoid being judgmental to your partner thoughts

2. Be Open/ Honest 

Being in a relationship comes with so much changes and responsibilities. Two people are being involved who comes with there past experience, history and expectations into the relationship. Making sure that your relationship last long you must be able to open up about your past life and your emotions, opening up yourself to your spouse.

Hiding your feeling might have worked for you while you were single but in a relationship it becomes a barrier for you to have a health relationship that’s open and can cost you loosing your spouse. It create distance between couples instead of being closer binding your bond strong.

There are many other keys factors you can learn to help you and your spouse to have a better communication. In this articles I chose only to mention two that are more urgent to consider looking into.

Here are some others I didn’t discuss:

  1. Learn how to keep calm at all time
  2. Learn how to maintain a positive outlook even when things are hard
  3. Putting yourself in your partner shoes when dealing with problems


Speak in even tone

When you in the middle of a fight try to take deep breaths

Don’t talk over your partner

Don’t be irritated

Be sound in mind and learn how to compromise

Johnson Kamanga (JMK)

Johnson Kamanga (JMK) is a freelance writer, poet book author of “90 Love Poems: Themes of Love from the Heart by JMK”.  He writes for online publications like facebook and blogs.  His Poetry book, 90 Love Poems! is published by Xlibris Corporation.  His latest project is a Self-Help book based on self counseling about relationship, he is compiling that will be published hopefully publish next year.


Twitter: @JMKLovelounge

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