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Happy Holidays everyone! Do you find online dating during the Holidays stressful? Let’s face it nobody likes the stress of being single during the Holidays.

The Secret to Online Dating During the HolidaysI have compiled some interesting tips that will help you during this time of year. I am currently single this year so we can do this together. I have learned in the past that being a little more outcome independent during this time of year is always better to keep that stress to a minimum. The Holiday season can be an adventure if you choose the right path.

1) Get More Messages With this Little Trick

Ever look at an online dating profile and procrastinate on whether or not to message that person? Unfortunately online dating has become like Amazon. So much stuff to buy that on certain days we just can’t make a decision.

What happens though when that book you have always wanted won’t be for sale much longer? This might just cause you to take some action on buying that book.

Creating scarcity in online dating can move people to message you and get them unstuck from their lazy browsing habits and onto making a connection.

During the Holidays I would always change my headline to “I AM OUTTA HERE.” Everyone then wants to know why I AM OUTTA HERE…it’s that simple. I would then change my profile letting everyone know that I may or may not be back on this site after the Holidays. This causes someone who is interested to take massive action. They will always think…  If I don’t do it now I may never get another chance.

2) Take a Break and Let Serendipity Have Its Day

We all have seen the movie but do we ever slow down to allow it to happen? I hear all the time that Serendipity just isn’t in the cards for me. If you are out during the Holidays and are always in a rush to your next stop then yes… it will never happen to you.

Everyone is more social during the Holiday season. This is a great time to be single. You need to have time though for that conversation or spontaneous coffee date. So next time you go out slow down and relax. Grab a coffee and people watch for 30 minutes. You might be surprised to see that potential someone peeping YOU.

3) Get Out the Winter Clothes

Online dating during the Holidays can be fun but there are still rules people. Online dating profiles that have photos of peeps still in shorts and sandals is not good. This is a common mistake. These photos will date your profile instantly.

Many people might pass on your profile just like that house that has been on the market for too long.

What is wrong with this house? Why hasn’t it sold? Change your profile today! Post current photos of you rockin’ some holiday gear. Change up your profile interests for winter activities. Carriage rides, festival of light shows, and ice skating are great seasonal online date ideas. Staying current and relevant during the different seasons of the year will show you are currently looking and still interested.

4) Why Are You Still Single… Awww

This is my favorite question during the Holidays. People feeling sorry for you, patting you on the back, hugging you, giving you the sad face. I say ENOUGH. My comeback is always a party pleaser…

I will usually laugh and then put my hands on both their shoulders and simply say, “It’s terrible that I get to do whatever I want… whenever I want… all the time… It just gets old and I am sick of it.”

Once it marinates you can take the pleasure in knowing that the lesson has been delivered. Being single does have those types of advantages so don’t be afraid to let them know. Single, Strong and Confident is the way to go.

5) Get Busy

This is the season for online dating. If you keep seeing the same profiles don’t worry there will be more too look at soon. Singles will jump online this time of year to find dates for Christmas parties, holiday events, and of course New Year’s Eve.

This is a great time to be online due to the vast amount of dating possibilities. Who wants to go to a party by themselves? Don’t be afraid… go find someone online… grab some coffee… and invite them to that party. I would much rather do this than try and desperately reach out to that ex you haven’t spoken to in 6 months just because it might feel a little more comfortable. Just GO FOR IT! It is time to meet someone NEW.

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