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In the previous article, I introduced you to the concept of reflecting on your past relationships that have repeated the same cycle of pain in your life.

I prompted you to be open and honest to reveal what your individual relationship patterns are, at this point.

It is important not to feel shame about your love life and the relationships you chose to experience. We are not victims of circumstance, rather, we choose who and what we do in our lives. It is imperative to know you are not a victim, rather you made choices based on your default programming in your mind. See, much of what happened to you and your love life can be explained.

Ideal Mate and Finding the Right PartnerBut, first, allow me to plant this seed of inspiration in you! You ARE NOT your past failed relationshipsYou are so much more than you realize. If you can believe, even just a little, that you are a magnificent creature, with unique talents, abilities and love to give, you will begin attracting a different type of relationship to you. Keep that in mind, as I help you discover why you have these relationship patterns.

I explained in the previous article that often times we are in a cycle that repeats itself, which I call our relationship patterns. Each relationship, although different, feels like the same experience over and over again. This is not because you have bad karma, or are cursed in love, or that there just aren’t good ones left. No. Those are all lies.

The simple truth is this:

2. Security Software System

This story started in your early childhood experience. See, your brain has a recording of everything you’ve ever experienced, from birth. Everything you witnessed, watched, heard, felt, touched and what was modeled to you has been recorded. These recordings are deeply embedded in your brain, and what I refer to as our personal, security software system. For most of our lives, this system is unknown to our conscious mind. I’m about to awaken you to the reality of your default programming.

It is no accident that when a child grows up in an abusive home, that adult often becomes the abuser or abus-ee in their relationships, thus, continuing the cycle of abuse. This can be altered and an “upgraded” version of the software system can be installed.  However, it takes awareness, commitment and understanding of how your mind works, to succeed in creating these new patterns.

Most people live in a space of “what they don’t know they don’t know.” What that means is, most are living in their default programming that started from the mind and perceptions of a child.  I had no idea that my default programming was one of being a victim of abuse. When I realized, I was the common denominator in all my relationships, I discovered I believed I was a victim in my relationships. After realizing I was choosing these relationships that kept that story alive, I made a decision. I was going to heal my love life, or die trying.

So, I began the journey of emotional healing, spiritual alignment and changing my mind to change my life.  Once I understood I am a powerful magnet to my experience, I met my soul-mate, the man of my dreams.

Here’s your homework:

Take a look back at your childhood experiences, what was modeled to you and how you felt internally about yourself. We aren’t here to blame our parents, we are just looking to research and heal our lives. Our parents were living in their own default programming from their childhood experiences. So is everyone that has shown up on your path.

Once you have a clear picture of your childhood experiences that have molded your life decisions, you can connect the dots to the intimate relationships you’ve experienced. Awareness of this is essential in healing those wounds and deliberately creating new brain patterns to magnetize an “ideal” mate!

Once you have this awareness, then you are free to move into the next step of Magnetizing Your Ideal Mate:  Healing Relationship Patterns.

Theresa Vigarino

Theresa helps others heal from their past relationship patterns and teaches how they can deliberately create their new love story.

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