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Remember when you were first together with your sweetheart and you thought that you would live happily ever after? Of course you do! We all start out that way! It’s more realistic, however, to think that you can live mostly happily ever after!

Here are 7 secrets that will help you do just that!

1. Speak More With Your Heart, Not Your Mouth

Marriage Tips to Make the Relationship Even Stronger and Last ForeverThere is so much information out there about communication between couples. Communication is important, yes, but without connection communication is not going to give you the feeling you want to have with your sweetie. You know the one I’m talking about! A good way to connect is to look each other in the eye when you talk. Really look at each other! Your eyes are the window to your heart and your soul. Show each other your insides!

2. Bury the Past Deep and Don’t Dig It Back Up

Country singer, Randy Travis, sings,

“I’m diggin’ up bones, I’m diggin’ up bones,

Exhuming things that’s better left alone.”

Well yeah. If you bring up hurtful things from the past you bring the energy of that hurt right back up, too. It’s just like being back in that ole’ hateful, hurtful situation. So if you have had a funeral for it, don’t dig it back up! Better left alone!

3. Keep Your Ex’s Out of Your Bed and Your Bedroom

There is not much that will kill romance faster than talking about your ex… especially in your bed! Your bedroom is sacred. It’s the space for you and your sweetheart to exclusively and intimately love each other. If you need to talk about your ex do it in the kitchen. Then you can clean out the energy with Clorox!

4. Make Special Time for Each Other Every Day

The reality is that you can’t give your sweetie your attention all day long. But you can make the time you do give count! No one likes to feel like they get leftover time, energy or love. Spend 20 minutes together at the end of the day, just the two of you. Go for a walk after supper. And my favorite that my husband, Charlie, and I do…drink a cup of coffee in bed together every morning.

5. Take Charge of Your Own Happiness

It’s a huge burden to expect someone else to take on the job of your happiness. It’s also impossible. YOU make YOU happy. Your sweetie and your relationship are the icing, sprinkles and a candle on the cupcake!

6. Make Pacts With Each Other

Marriage Tips to Make the Relationship Even Stronger and Last ForeverFor example, a pact that my sweet man and I have is that we try and not take anything personally that the other offers as an observation (because we love each other and want to protect each other’s feelings!) or as helpful advice about the other’s family. And sometimes we have to remind each other of our pact before we get defensive! Here’s the key to this though. Make your pact on neutral ground when you are both happy and peaceful and into each other.

7. Stop Trying to Change Your Sweetie

Mercy! If there were just one bit of advice I could ever offer this would be it! You cannot make someone else change. I repeat, you cannot make someone else change. That’s their job… because they want to. You can let them know what you like, not like, love, hate. You can let them know what annoys the pee turkey out of you! But the changing is up to them. So let it go. Your life will be so much easier!

Here’s to you having a mostly happily ever after relationship! A little effort and a little adjustment go a long way in giving you the kind of connection you want with your sweetheart. After all, you both are so worth having what you want!

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