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As you launch yourself into a new year, I invite you to join me in igniting the fire of 2016 and all that it has in store for you with a practice I call: Sex Magic.

Sex Magic and Relationship TipsFor most men and women, sex is that thing you do at night in the dark with the lights out. It might be a quick and satisfying turn on or a slow, luscious, deep, inner sanctuary of sharing love and sensation.  Either way, sex tends to refer to the intimate physical, emotional and spiritual activities shared with a partner that sometimes leads to procreation. Enter the ancient ritual practice of Sex Magic which teaches the use of sexual arousal, or orgasm, for the purpose of setting clear intentions or goals and then manifesting your dreams using the potent, transcendent energy.

Although mystics were writing about Sex Magic as early as the 19th century, modern-day Tantrikas (practitioners of Tantra) and other facilitators of ritual, have brought this powerful practice to the west. This article will teach you how to use the life-creating energy of sex to dream big dreams and see them come to fruition. It’s but one way to reveal the next step on your path and then allow it to materialize.

So let’s get to it!

Here Is a Guide for Your Own Personal, Solo, Sex Magic Ritual:

The First Step Is to Clear Your Energy Field

This is important to do every single day whether you are practicing a powerful ritual or not. Your energy field gets filled up with junk — other people’s energy and negative thoughts mostly. And it is important to clean it up, like you would any other object or area in your home that gets dirty. I suggest you do this by either taking a shower and asking that all energy that is not yours or for your highest good, be released.  You can also do this with your breath. Simply envision your body releasing as you exhale and allow your breath to carry all that needs to be released into the earth. If you lie down, you can visualize this release happening out through the bottoms of your feet or your back.

The Second Step in Your Sex Magic Ritual Is to Determine the Next Step on Your Path

What is moving forward this year? Is there a quantum leap you are ready for in the area of life purpose, relationships, parenting, prosperity, your home, children, or your devotion? The absolute best way to gain crystal clarity is to meditate and pay attention to what shows up when you ask. Best to gather this information from your heart than from your head. Your mind, or ego, can get caught up in external pressures, ideas, “shoulds” — but your heart knows your inner most self and is your best guide. So what does your heart say when you ask what is moving forward this year? What is your next step?

The Third Step Is to Visualize

You can envision your next step using your imagination, or you can externalize it by creating a collage or treasure map, or simply writing it down on paper. You will, however, want to be able to visualize what you are ready to manifest before taking the next step.

Solo Self-Pleasuring Is the Fourth Step

To keep this simple, do not over think this step. This is where you harness the most provocative, potent, creative energy to manifest your dreams….but let us keep it straight-forward and easy for you. This step is about raising sexual energy, feeling aroused but not necessarily climaxing. This is about raising orgasmic energy but not having an orgasm unless you choose to. The Sex Magic Ritual requires you to be slow and very clear in your intention. You can raise energy using touch, or your breath or just envisioning energy swirling and intensifying.

While you raise energy, hold the image of your next step with clarity in your mind. Focus on it, see it happening, let it bring a huge smile to your face, feel it as if it has already happened. You are living in that beautiful home you saw the other day. Your body feels exactly how you want it to feel – vibrant and energized! You and your partner are deeply in love. Your child got into the college of his dreams! Live it, appreciate it, enjoy it.

Even if you do not have a sense of energy, see a bridge from you to your creation.  Be willing to receive.  Remove all obstacles to receiving that you are aware of.

The Last Step in Your Sex Magic Ritual Is to Ground

After you raise energy, whether you climax or not, bring your attention to the earth and slow down your breathing. Relax your shoulders, open your belly, release your jaw and connect to the earth.

Sex Magic is a wonderful way to begin the new year. While everyone is making resolutions, the spiritual-minded among us are setting intentions and using compelling life-sustaining, life-force energy for our best interest and the best interest of the planet. Try it for 7-days (or some other pre-determined amount of time that feels right to you) and watch what manifests in your life this year!

Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer!

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