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How to Reclaim Your Love, Desire and Sexuality in 2016! - featured_2Are you ready to create a life of love, health and happiness – for real this time?

As 2015 comes to a close, what was your intention around relationship, love, and sex this year? Do you remember? Did your dreams come true? Want to be sure they do next year?

Believe it or not, despite what you’ve read about Tantra in the tabloids, the true purpose of Tantra practice is to create a world where personal power and trustful surrender to what exists in life including pleasure, spirituality, freedom, sacred connection and securing your material well-being, all go hand in hand.

It’s not just about sex. And because it’s not just about sex, when you study, practice and embrace Tantra, it impacts your entire life to bring you joy, peace, and calm in all areas of your life and that very much includes your current and potential romantic relationships.

Tantra is an embodied healing practice, like yoga, that purifies the body, ignites the intellect, focuses the mind, and awakens the senses. These powerful practices bring the sacred and the mundane, pleasure together with purpose, and sexuality and spirituality into alignment in, and out, of your bedroom.

What results is a sense of aliveness and joy as you actively engage with your life. Tantra is not just about dreaming changes to your life but actually making them happen.

The goal of Tantra is to pay attention to the underlying struggles you experience in life and to manifest, prosper, and grow despite the challenges. Single, or partnered, Tantra practice can teach you the skills of intimacy and how to create a life of love, health, happiness and abundance.

Where to Begin?  

1) Reclaim Your (Self) Love:

Remember how it feels physically… energetically…. emotionally and spiritually to be in love. When you think back to a time when you were in deep, undefended, pure love with someone, how did you feel? (You may wish to take a moment and write down your responses.)  Sharing the essence of love with someone creates a vibration inside you that you can feel through every single cell in your body. This is an ecstatic experience.

Loving yourself, coming back to love, can be a daily practice. Simply remember how it feels and then use your breath (inspiration) to breathe it into every cell. Feel the heightened sense in your body; awaken to love again and again.

In truth, love is what we are at the soul level. To create a life of love, health and happiness, the first step is to remember and reclaim your love. Manifesting your dreams in 2016 begins with the Tantra practice of coming back to love.

2) Reclaim Your Desire:

How to Reclaim Your Love, Desire and Sexuality in 2016! - image1Desire is the bridge between love and action. Once again Tantra practice can support you in harnessing your desire and moving into action so that you not only dream of what you are yearning for in 2016 but you actually get to experience it. Desire is an expression of your vitality. Tantra practice engages the Kundalini shakti energy (housed in the lower three chakras) and awakens your body, mind and spirit with your life-force energy.

Begin to awaken your desire, held in the lower three chakras, by beginning a yoga and pranayama practice. Once you’ve reclaimed your love through daily practice, breathe that love all the way into your belly and then spread the energy up to the top of your head with a powerful inhalation. Then, as you exhale, allow that energy to bathe the rest of your body as it flows downward to the base of your body.

Pelvic rocking and breathing (inhale and rock your pelvis forward while lying down, and exhale and release your pelvis) is another way to gain access to the life force sexual energy and use it consciously.

“During climaxes, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating.”  — Osho

3) Reclaim Your Sexuality:

Most of us wait until we are in relationship and feeling attraction to raise sexual energy. Most singles find themselves losing their desire and not feeling sexual at all. This simple practice of breath and pelvic movements can help you to reclaim your desire, raise your sexual energy and allow you to circulate it through your body. This Tantric practice creates health and a sense of wellbeing; the life force energy you are raising provides the energy for your action.

What was it again that you wanted to create in 2016?

Hold that in your imagination and as you reclaim your sexuality by raising your sexual energy, send that energy to that which you want to manifest in 2016. See an image of what you most truly love and desire, and surround the image with that high vibrational energy.  Then wait, and watch a life of love, health and happiness emerge with ease.

Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer!

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