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Finding Your Soulmate While Dating ConfidentlyWould you like to date confidently? To show up as a totally irresistible and authentic you? And live passionately and connect with your soulmate, whilst you’re at it?

Dates can be a lot of fun, but they can also be nerve-racking and awkward — not to mention disheartening.

Perhaps you’re comfortable with friends or people that you’re not that attracted to, but freeze or start behaving out of character when you really really like someone. Or maybe you’re making an effort, but you don’t feel like you’re being yourself.

Which makes you wonder, just how genuine your date is!  And would you know if you’re soulmates?

It’s possible to attract more soulmates into your life — I’ve written a lot on soulmates and explain how these connections are not solely romantic, but always life-changing.

And when that special person appears in your life, chances are you won’t recognise your soulmate as such straight away.  It takes some getting to know each other — and probably a date or two!

So, how to make the most of those early meetings, be yourself confidently and authentically, have a great time — and become totally attractive and recognisable to a romantic soulmate?

There’s a simple key to all of the above.  All you have to do is ask yourself:

– What do I love doing?

– What gives me the most satisfaction, meaning and joy in life?

– What are my special gifts and talents?

– What am I really great at?

– What motivates me most powerfully?

– What are the most important values in my life?

– What would I love to do more of?

Consider activities, interests and situations that you have engaged with at different times and in different contexts — or would like to engage with in future. Think work, home, family life, friendships, community groups, special interests, spirituality. Use your imagination and bring to mind different situations for clues.

Identify one or two main “themes” running through your answers to each question.

For example, thinking of talents, what you enjoy doing and are great at, themes might be connecting with people, finding solutions to problems, creating beauty or harmony around you, caring for people, inspiring others in some way.

Similarly, identify one or two core values that feel the most important to you.  Think of the world at large and also about relationships, more specifically. Important values for you may be freedom, authenticity, respect, trust, love, compassion, openness — and so on.

Take the time to consider your answers thoroughly and write them down. As you do so, you will recognise the real you emerging clearly.  Allow yourself to honour and appreciate your unique gifts and talents, even if they are not expressing fully in your present circumstances.

Whether you’re passionately following your dream or remain stuck in a rut, you still have an amazing capacity to make a difference in your world and your values are important.

If you consciously decide to align with your gifts, your heartfelt joy and desire, and strive to bring them out more, Universe will surprise you with fantastic opportunities, resources — and soulmates! — to help you along.

Soulmates: Attractive Man and Woman Dating With ConfidenceEven as you begin to contemplate your magnificent unfolding, begin to date as the star that you are: next time you’re on a date, remind yourself of all that makes you “you” and step into presence.  Be you in your element, with clear values and a bearer of unique and wonderful gifts.

Then, share: share some of the day’s events in a way that conveys your values and gifts, share your heartfelt feelings about experiences that are important to you, talk about your dreams and what you believe in, talk about what you love doing and what you’d love to do more of.

Let yourself shine with passion and delight as you talk about the things that motivate and inspire you the most. Find out your date’s greatest gifts, dreams and important values too and be encouraging.

If you’re soulmates, you’ll totally resonate with each other’s sharing. If not, you’ll still make a much deeper connection, showing up as the real and irresistible you – more so than ever before.

I’d love to hear from you: do write and tell me how you get on!

Elena Angel

Elena Angel is “The Ultimate Life-Sex Coach”.

Elena maintains a thriving practice in London and has attracted widespread media attention: she has been featured in The Sunday Times, GQ, Natural Health, Easy Living, Yoga Magazine and numerous other publications.

Elena presents talks and writes on Tantra, Taoism and sacred sexuality, intimacy and relationship, soulmates, energetics, transformation and manifestation.  She offers bespoke coaching, immersive training programmes, workshops and retreats, including her very popular Soulmate Connections series, in addition to webinars and a dedicated Women’s circle.

She is the first to bring the Millennium Method, a radical Quantum healing and transformation technology, to Europe. | Connect with Elena Angel on Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn.

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