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So what’s love got to do with it? Everything I tell ya. Absolutely everything.

Love makes the world go round, love is in the air, and as Gandhi said best, “Where there is love there is life.” Tell it like it is Gandhi. Love is totally where it’s at so you’ve got to get some of it, for yourself.

Love brings life to everything you touch, even yourself (get your mind out of the gutter people! OK, on second thought just keep it there is it brings a smile to your face), anyway… when you love yourself your life becomes more alive, you become more feeling and more open to give love and receive love. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for Self-Love 101.

This is something you probably won’t learn in high school, college, or from your parents, but in my book self love is a mandatory requirement, especially in relationships and doubly so in the relationship you have with yourself.

If you don’t love yourself there are a few things that can end up happening:

  • You will be too scared to let love into your heart.
  • You will cling onto any scrap of love given to you, like it’s the new iPhone.
  • If love comes your way you won’t feel lovable enough to accept it.
  • You will sabotage yourself by pushing away the very love you want.

When you practice self-love it helps you attract the kind of love you are looking for. The love you are looking for can be a date with that cutie from Chemistry class this weekend, a boyfriend for a couple of months, a long-term lover or even marriage. Whoever you are interested in, will be more interested in you if you love yourself.

So, if you’ve always put other people’s feelings before your own and have been a doormat in your past relationships, these self love tips are for you. If you are on the other side of the spectrum and have treated people poorly thinking it will make you feel better about yourself, these self-love tactics are also for you. Or if you are in the middle of the tracks and you’re ready to get hit by the love train, they are especially for you.

This is the crash course in self-love:

1. Accept your feelings and listen to them.

Practice the art of allowing your feelings to guide you in the right direction. If something feels good, then it is probably pretty good. If you feel bad, it’s probably not the best place to be, so do something else to feel better. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

2. Treat people (including yourself), like you want to be treated.

The Golden Rule always applies to you. Speak kindly to yourself, with compassion, love and respect. If that little gremlin keeps saying nasty things to you, put on the ear buds, and listen to some music that will make you feel absolutely fabulous.

3. Take time out for yourself.

Do what you got to do to take care of you. No questions. If you like to play video games for an hour, go for it and take a little quiet time out for yourself by meditating, taking a walk or having fun with your friends. If you want to attract love into your life, you must love yourself first. Loving yourself doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it will make you feel rich with love.

When you follow these simple steps you will be on your way to having a good relationship with yourself so you can have a good one with someone else. When you practice self-love you will radiate good energy and will attract people who are on the same wavelength and as the Beatles sing, “All you need is love,” and as I like say, “Love starts with loving yourself.”

Dina Z Colada

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