Episode 103


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This episode of Digital Romance Radio is all about mis-communications in relationships. From office romance to broken promises, you won’t want to miss hearing Mike and Nora’s answers on this week’s show.

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  • customer Dec 20, 2014 at 7:26 am

    don’t know if you actually read these, Mike, but I recently purchased your Text Your Ex Back. I ended up buying the ‘extra’ items for extra money, but when I went to download, all I got was the ‘extra.’ It was pretty much all about text the romance back, and I wanted the ex stuff. Exchanged a few emails with your staff, who told me I pretty much am stuck with this. I am very disappointed, especially after going for the ‘extra’ materials. can you help? thanks,

  • Mary Dec 16, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Hi Mike!
    Love your newsletters and podcasts! What I love the most are the short email snippets with quick advice! But I do have a question that I was hoping you could address in a future newsletter…??

    I have read an followed the advice here in your newsletter and in the short video segments I receive via email in regards to making your man open up. I have followed the advice, and to my (pleasant!!) surprise, there are moments when he not only opens up, but actually SPILLS so much of how he feels. I find that a lot of the time it is during late night conversations that we might have online…I sometimes think it takes a lot of guts for him to say what he says, and I think that through the internet it helps him open up more “safely” than face to face, and that’s okay with me, as I know that he has held me in his heart for quite some time, and probably feels so vulnerable From everything that I have read, it can be very scary for men to express their true feelings for a woman. This is not to say that he doesn’t show me or tell me things in person, but just seems that it is easier for him to open up with some pretty deep stuff when we are not face to face. But my question is, although I have taken the steps to make him start to feel comfortable and okay expressing himself, how do I handle things once we are in the midst of that as not to blow it on my end when he does? If I say “I feel that way too….” I feel like it’s a lame response…I just don’t know how to respond to keep those floodgates open! I don’t want to come on too strong, and I don’t want to appear that I am not appreciating how hard it must be for him to open himself and be so vulnerable, and I don’t want to respond in a way where I say too much and scare him away. He opens so freely and beautifully (and he does so not all the time but just enough…usually when I least expect it)…and I want to cherish that, and I want him to know that I love and cherish him in the same way, I want to share those moments in a give and take with him…as I am so in love with this man…so secure in where our relationship is headed…we took it VERY slow and we enjoy each other as friends too…but I am afraid of blowing it during those times when he really does open his heart in the most sincere and profound way. What do I do?

  • Blonde1982 Dec 16, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Hey Mike,
    Great as always!!
    I wanted to leave a question myself for a future podcast:
    My bf (36) just broke up with me cause he is not ready for a relationship at the moment (we met only 6 months after a 10 year marriage, so he never really experienced single life) but I know he still loves me and likes me. Just not enough to have a girlfriend apparentely 😛
    We see each other quite a bit and we actually get together around twice a week. I want to get back together at some point, so here is the question. Shall I…
    a) keep seeing him and take what we have (text or speak every other day and meet every week) not stressing about the fact that it isn’t an actual relationship. That is, not pressure him at all and let it develop into something else just like I’d do at the beginning of any relationship
    b) cut it off


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