Episode 108

Ghost of “Relationship” Past

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Are you being haunted by a past relationship? Is an ex still causing problems, even though the relationship is over? In this episode, Mike and Nora answer questions from listeners all about keeping past relationships…in the past.

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  • Cindy Feb 16, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    On Valentine’s day, I received a Facebook message from my first fiance/first and deepest love, “Just saying Hello”. We had not spoken in over 35 years, so why would he be contacting me?
    I’m divorce, but he is married (14 years) with 2 children.

  • Sam Feb 11, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Dear Mike and Nora , I can feel for Lily ….. I have a good one ! I have been in a on again off again FWD for over 6 yrs. known him for 10 yrs. . The 1st 2 yrs. we just talked but he was always hitting on me , but have to say he is good to look at ! Finally after the 2 yrs. and a my divorce I finally took a step to him and ever since been in a FWB with him ,but bout a yr. into it I started to fall for him . I did keep it to myself for another 2 yrs. but one night we were together and I could feel his emotions but then he pulled back after that . I did tell him bout year ago how I felt and that I did try to walk away but he stays around . to make this short … one day he said ” we are not together nor ever will be ” OUCH!! it hurt bad !!! but when my phone went down for awhile he came over to my house several times wanting to know why I wasn’t talking to him and as of today we are some what a FWB ,but he gets upset when I don’t text him every day to even just say morning . tried not texting for a week and within 3 days he texts me saying I must of got another guy , that I must not really have feeling for him!! So I ask …. Why is it he wants me to text him every day , why does he get upset if I try to just break it off and not talk to him ? but yet he says its just sex with us! Its been 10 yrs. we have know each other , never dated , gone out or been around people to know we are FWBs. I try to date but he is always on my mind when I do . He knows he has all of me and my heart to boot !!! SSSOOO what to do !? I do love him but I have tried many things to stop the feeling …. So to Lily I say walk away and start fresh cuz being stuck in limbo isn’t fun and it hurts a lot to be in a one-sided relationship. And to make it even more interesting he does have a woman that is his 24/7 for 10 yrs. too and she is his number #1 woman !!!! he even told me he doesn’t want to hurt her so that is his excuse for us not to get together !!! But when he lets his feeling , emotions to me when we get together then he pulls away !! I am at my end to hurt my heart or just stay and keep trying different things to get him to see we DO ! belong together. I am 5 yrs. older then him . So if you can help I would love it . OH ! did I tell you? ……… we live next door to each other !!! , Sam

  • Nush Feb 4, 2015 at 10:51 am

    I need some help;
    I left my husband very abusive man! 6 months ago, I had to escape by putting a bag out the window even though it was my house and escape, I escaped to a mans place and in a few weeks we were sleeping together, I’ve never done this before, we bought a house together although it’s had to go under his name so I’m getting a written agreement done to protect myself but he doesn’t open up and talk, he has been an alcoholic for most of his life although I’ve managed to get him to cut down and he’s thanks to me getting help, but I alwa fear he is going to cheat on me, he’s 46 going on 47 and never got married or had kids, he has been aengaged 2 times before and had asked me to marry him just one month after we started been together, at that point I was just extremely vaunerable, I said yes but didn’t really mean it because I did not know him that well, I have changed his whole life, but now he’s still not opening up emotionally like my past partners have, and I still have my own ex partner stalking me, and took out a without notice order against my ex which he keeps breaching. The problem I have is my new guy serious or am I been played? And why does he not open up emotionally or talk about his past, especially if he’s serious he wants to marry me? And wh n we are out and other guys hit on me he doesn’t stop them? I’m so confused xx

  • cleopatra Feb 3, 2015 at 10:31 am

    My ex broke up with me because of his mom not wanting me. Now, after 2 years he wants to see me again but is not certain if we can be together again. We had something really good back then and we have always been thinking of each other, but can things really change when he depends so much on his mother? We met recently and he wants to continue seeing each other because he says he loves me. He seems confused. Should I fight for it or move on?

    • Mindy   cleopatra Feb 6, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      I’m kind of in the same situation with my ex as well. As much as I keep telling him to leave me alone he still won’t. Anyways ur ex could be a really nice guy & I believe he does still care (and the same for u). But I think u need to take a hike. Because from what I gather he’s close with his mom. I really think u just need to move on. Because I don’t think that he will ever pick u over his mom. If u get back into a relationship with this guy nothing will change from the way it was before. U need to tell him to hit the road & find someone the way u deserve to be treated. I hope that helps. =)

    • Billy Dumass   cleopatra Mar 19, 2015 at 3:29 am

      Look at it from a mans perspective . does he depend on his mom or does he respect his mom and value her opinions? Usually you can tell how he will treat you by looking how he treats his mom. Lots of men don’t want to hurt their moms feeling and mom’s dictate their lives way to long. Personally I have delt with an overbearing mom and its caused problems. He should treat his mom respectfully without allowing her to dominate and control him. Healthy boundaries such as , mom I love you and respect you but please don’t give me advice on my life. He needs to push away from asking for advice and if the mom don’t respect you ,he better set her straight in a calm but stearn way. I’d do it right in front on you if my mom who I love got out of line. If they will allow their moms to dictate their life ,they will allow you to run over them too and you will loose respect for him and it will end badly. Sometimes us guys are slower than you ladies and if he has had a messed up past and has not dealt with that be will appear needy and insecure, so make sure that after this time he has these issues dealt with. I believe he has grown up and changed for the best .

      • Billy Dumass   Billy Dumass Mar 19, 2015 at 3:33 am

        And yes he loves you. Don’t hold back this time and watch how hard he works

  • Jackie Feb 3, 2015 at 7:37 am

    If you have been dating a guy for a couple of weeks with no Sex. If he said he “Loves You and wants to be with you and continue building is he telling the Truth? ” Both of us are 40.

    • Heather   Jackie Feb 3, 2015 at 10:35 am

      A couple of WEEKS and he said he LOVES you?? Run. Run away. Run very fast.

  • Julia Feb 2, 2015 at 3:44 am

    Lovely episode! Keep doing what you’re doing, guys, it is really appreciated! 🙂


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