Episode 111

How Soon Do You…???

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This episode of Digital Romance Radio is all about timing. Listen in as Mike and Nora answer questions like when to make the first move, when to start dating again after a divorce and more.

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  • Leila Feb 27, 2015 at 7:48 am

    The thing about saying things about yourself on a first or second date is that it’s hard to know what kind of things put a stranger off (presuming you don’t know the person you’re dating for the first time). If you’re a fairly good judge of character then you have a good chance of giving your date a enough information without saying things that might make them less keen to see you again. My advice would be to make things as interesting as possible and by doing so steer clear of anything you’re not sure would go down that well on a first date.

    I think the advice on the podcast about not dating while pregnant is a bit old-fashioned. Surely women are looking to help men be more aware about tricky things they have to negotiate that men may not be aware of – like being pregnant as a single women. Single women used to hide themselves until their baby was born and even after that. If that wasn’t right then neither is not dating (or expecting to encounter a man who might understand that single women get pregnant sometimes).


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