Episode 165

The Future of Marriage

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In this episode, Mike and Nora discuss the future of marriage. 

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  • ARadSop Aug 26, 2016 at 7:37 am

    Not as all what I expected. You skirted the entire reason for marriage, insinuating it was just an outdated religious thing. The reason for marriage is TO CREATE A STABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR CHILDREN TO BE RAISED. I once had an ex boyfriend tell me the most important decision in life, is who you marry. It has proven true again and again. Sounds like Michael got married for the wrong reasons which was unfair to himself, his wife and any potential offspring. In the age of sex for sport and selfish irresponsibility, of course it is not for most. But please, if people want to remain in a relationship without a real commitment to the future, please get snipped or your tubes tied so children don’t end up paying the price for your fickle decisions.


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