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Yes, you’re a strong, rough man’s man. But deep down in your manly heart-of-hearts, you are also a sweet little 9-year-old who loves Lucky Charms and watching cartoons in your Batman Underoos.

Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. But we think you’re sexy, even if you don’t know it. Here are some of the ways we know…

1. When You Wave, Smile, or Wink at a Passing Toddler

Men just don’t typically pay attention to babies. We know, you tend to be focused on tasks, not humans, and especially not mini-humans.

So when you take a second to make a silly face at that solemn baby who is peering over his mother’s shoulder… and then her whole tiny face just lights up? Oh, we love you for that, you sexy man, you.

2. When You Make Computer Game Sounds When You Think No One’s Around

Sometimes you’re all into your Pac Man game and you’re going “wacka-wacka-wacka” under your breath as your Pac Dude gobbles dots. Or you do the Mario Cart starting line sound.

You’re totally into it, and completely unguarded, and we think that’s unbelievably hot.

3. When You Try to Hide the Fact That a Movie Made You Cry

When a man has a heart open and unguarded enough to allow him to be moved to tears, we ladies get all happy-mushy inside. It lets us know you have a tender side, you great manly thing.

It shows us you’re strong enough to let Elliot’s heartbreak over ET’s death get to you. You have feelings! We dig that about you.

4. When You Roll Up Your Shirtsleeves

Sexy Things Guys Do That Makes Them AttractiveAlong with man buns and kilts, there is something ridiculously sexy about this weird little act of rolling up your shirtsleeves.

Why are men’s wrists so damn sexy? Why should we fall into a sex-glazed hypnotic stare when a man rolls up his shirtsleeves? The world may never know.

5. When You Stumble and Stutter Over Asking Us Out

The truth is that most of us abhor the smooth pick-up artist types. There’s just something creepy about those men, and even if we’ve “dated” a few of them, we don’t find them adorable.

So when you have screwed up your courage and finally come over to us to say something like “Um, I thought maybe if you don’t want – I mean don’t mind – That is, I thought there’s a Star Wars movie marathon at the community center on Saturday and you could maybe go. With me, I mean. If you wanted…”

We could just eat you right up, you adorable, tasty morsel.

6. When We Walk in and You Do a Double Take

We love it when you find us beautiful. We love it when we knock the breath out of you. We love it when you’re so riveted by our presence in your space that you have to look again.

Ladies: Which One Is Your Favorite?

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  • Norm Jan 4, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    It nice to know but I could not get a woman to even be friends with me for get about her lover that would never happen women plain and simply do not like me the end


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