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Boredom in relationships can be the demise of any relationship. Relationships can survive boredom, if couples are willing to do the work and be creative to take the relationship from boredom to bliss in a short period.

Are you trying to find new ways to ignite fire and passion in your relationship?

This is a positive sign that you do have a symptom. You may be getting tired of the same old date nights with your partner or maybe you are not dating at all and would like some new inspiration to spark things up a bit.

Here Are Some of the Signs That You May Be Experiencing Boredom in Your Relationship:

  • You are constantly thinking of how tired you are of the same old repetitive weekend activities
  • You find yourself frustrated with your partner when he/she doesn’t agree to those last-minute vacations
  • You find yourself day dreaming about the perfect date you wish you could have with your partner

If you are experiencing any of these signs, then you must be aware of these 3 mistakes couples make that keeps the fire out of their relationship which can further lead to a failing relationship.

Many couples end up discontent, feeling dreadful about being in the relationship and are desperate for change, but they too often fail because they get caught up in the melodrama instead of finding a quick solution to fix their own problems.

Here Are Three Mistakes Couples Make:


You complain to your partner of how dissatisfied you are with them or the relationship; it never allows the couple to clearly determine what solutions they could consider to fix their problems, but instead it keeps them stuck.


You fault your partner for not staying committed to the relationship; when you blame your partner, you become the victim and it limits you from being the solution to create change in your relationship.


You form a negative feeling and attitude toward your partner; being negative can cause you to form a belief that can change the way you respond to your partner.

By having an awareness of these mistakes, you can carefully consider new ways to connect with your partner better and avoid these mistakes to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Learn 3 Ways You Can Avoid These Mistakes in Your Relationship:

  • Determine what are the most common requests that are being made by your partner and began to acknowledge them quickly by communicating them with your partner. Once you start having conversations about your partner’s requests you will receive less complaints, they will take notice of your actions and this will help them feel heard, build confidence and will help spark up conversations about other interests you both have.
  • Make a commitment to your partner to make small changes. Communicate your efforts by agreeing to honor one of your partner’s request and decide to do one thing that you feel could make a real difference in the relationship by satisfying their desires.
  • Be creative in the planning process and try new things to allow your partner to feel the excitement of you engaging more in the relationship and this will help create much more appreciation.

To create a magical experience, ignite fire and have more passion in your relationship here are some things that you could consider trying: romantic picnics in the park, role play your favorite romance movies, try a change of environment by taking weekend getaways, be childlike and play fun games in the home together. These things will help you and your partner spark up the flames and put an end to the symptoms of boredom in your relationship.

Elbony Riggins

Elbony Riggins, an Author and Relationship Coach, she inspires women to make powerful choices to reconnect with their partners and build a relationship where they feel heard, cherished, understood and supported by their partners to help build and save marriages.  Since 2007, Elbony has been helping women to make powerful choices to create the transformation they desire in their lives and relationships.  If you have found yourself discontent and you are tired of feeling stuck or struggling in your relationship, feel free to schedule a complimentary strategy session Reclaim Your Love Life

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