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Are you blinded by criticism? Just remember before you open your mouth to find fault with them, just know you are condemning yourself. Criticism is always destructive. Period.

It lashes out at the victim, but then recoils and strikes the criticizer in the back when they least expect it.

For example ladies, you lash out “I’ve spent all day cleaning and you leave your socks everywhere, you drive me nuts”

You nag him to death. One day years later, you wonder why he cheated on you.

You say ” I don’t understand, I have been a faithful, loving wife.”

Ya, you have been faithful alright, faithfully pointing out every fault he has.

Marriage Tips and Have the Full Commitment of Your HusbandA man needs to feel like a king. He needs to be appreciated and needed. Eventually, he will find a woman that will make him feel those things. Guaranteed. Once you learn how fragile a man’s ego is, you will keep a man. The more faults you point out, the more faults your mate will find in you to defend himself.

Understand that all judgement stems from PRIDE. Pride comes before the fall. Ego is the death of all relationships.

Faultfinding Versus Goodfinding

I know you are probably asking “So I’m not supposed to ever say anything critical to my man?”

Not saying that, just saying that if you want this to work, you and your honey must strive NOT to be so critical and overlook the little things. You aren’t perfect. Give the mercy that you want to receive. Stop judging it and let it go. Get rid of pride. Forgive your man and let it go!

Instead, think of the good things about your man. Meditate on the good things that you love about him and what made you fall in love with him in the first place. Tell him every day something good. Tell him you love him and need him. Find new ways to appreciate all the good things about him. Be humble and remember you aren’t perfect and no one is. Be patient and give him time. Lead by example.

Two Simple Steps to Improve Communication


That words comes from the Greek word “eulogia” which simply means “to speak well of.” Blessing your spouse mean to speak well of them. This is the opposite of criticizing, nagging or faultfinding.

We should compliment them and encourage them with our words. Encouragement and compliments tend to motivate people, stimulating them to do better. Criticism and faultfinding, however, are a depressant and tend to cause people to do less.

By speaking well to our spouse you can motivate them to improve in the areas they are weak. You want to speak well “about” them in public too. Some people think it’s funny to make their spouse the butt of the joke, but then they pay for it later! Resentment will build up and eventually cause an explosive fight.

How well do you speak about your spouse in front of other people?

Even if he IS wrong, don’t embarrass him in public. Save your personal problem for the bedroom. Make sure above all else you are showing appreciation for what your man does! I thanked my man for buying the groceries the other day because it makes him feel useful and appreciated.

They want to fix problems. Even simple needs like eating. Thank him for taking out the trash or washing the car. Just NOTICE. Even if you can lift something, ask him to help you. It’s the little things that make him feel needed and full of joy to fix them.


It simply means to build up, versus tear each other down.

You can help develop your husband’s self image by building his confidence by encouraging your man to become a well balanced person. You need to be the back bone for each other and make the other one feel supported and secure of knowing you have each other’s back. We often do this for our children but forget our mate needs the same support.

Time to time, everyone has feelings of inadequecy, inferiority, weakness and inability.

When these are minimized by a spouse who emphasizes their mate’s strengths and talents , then their self esteem will grow and it will be possible for things to get even better.

Begin today, by guarding the words that come out of your mouth. What you say can get you the marriage you want.

Submission Is an Attitude of the Heart

The reason for submission to a man is so that they may be won over to by the wife when they see purity and reverence with your life. A wife with a submissive heart will seek to please her husband because she loves and respects him. Her reward will be a devoted, affectionate spouse who will go out of his way to provide, protect, and care for her.

Really, who could ask for anything more?

Show him your admiration and respect and you will have a reciprocal, wonderful marriage.

Guard your mouth and protect your relationship.

Law of Attraction Says…

You are simply attracting a mirror reflection of yourself. If you want him to change, then be the change you want to see.

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Amber Neal

AMBER Neal was born in Houston, but grew up part of her life in North East Texas. Amber has been coined “The Innovator” in the dating industry. She has been helping singles for over 10 years dishing out tough love to her clients for many years.

Amber is an award winning Journalist, Professional Comedian, Author, & Producer of A Match Made in Houston Talk Show. Amber Neal is Houston’s Millionaire Matchmaker. Amber’s TV and press appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC World News 20/20 with Barbara Walters, ABC Local 13, News 2 Houston-Channel 2,Fox 26, KHOU-Channel 11, WB39, Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Culture Map, and The Examiner! For more information visit her website

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