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Married couples all want the same things; To be happy, feel deeply connected, shared affection, intimacy and passion, feel love, trust and great communication.

Here’s what stops it from happening:

Communication Issues in Relationship? How to Have a Stronger Relationship!People don’t know what to do to keep these things alive for a lifetime.

And they keep making unintentional mistakes with each other, resulting in over 2million divorces each year in the US.

Ready for the truth?

If your marriage isn’t happy…

  • You either want to solve the real problem, or keep it.
  • And if you don’t know what the real problem is, You will keep it.

And any dream you had about marriage will end, either officially, or for all practical purposes.

Leaving you:

  • Little to no affection, or intimacy.
  • More misunderstandings and disconnect.
  • Feeling isolated or betrayed.

And when disappointment settles in, things tend to get worse. Unfortunately, this is the status of the majority of marriages in the US.

All because the real issues remain unresolved.

For example:

If you think the problem is communication, as most couples do:

You can learn how to listen better and to tell me what you heard me say, waiting patiently for your turn to talk. Then you can tell me how you feel, and I can replay what I heard you say, to clarify that I understand you. And we can continue like this…

That’s helpful.

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the real issues that cause couples to separate and divorce.

  • For what reasons have I set aside my life to be with you?
  • Are my actions and behaviors towards you demonstrating deep caring?
  • Do I like the way it feels when I’m with you?
  • Do I like who I am when I’m with you?
  • Do I feel self-confident when we’re together and not diminished?
  • Can I freely be myself around you without feeling judged or wrong?

These are not simple communication issues that are solved taking our conversational turns.

The behaviors that impact the feelings of partner connection have to change, or the marriage cannot improve.

More things about love that matter:

  • When we are alone together, do we feel deeply connected with each other?
  • Is our sexual chemistry high?
  • Are we aligned on the things that matter to both of us?
  • Do we have a shared vision of the future?
  • To what degree am I a priority in your life?

You either know the real issues…

And know the real solutions…

Or the struggle continues.

As you know, feeling deeply connected as a couple is a very beautiful thing. That’s worth working on and sustaining.

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Jeff Forte

Jeff Forte is the author of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle and an expert in divorce prevention and marriage repair. He works with couples in person and by Skype all over the world.

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