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Cheating in relationships is an ugly topic to discuss and an even uglier situation to be part of.

Cheating Issues in Relationships? Is She Showing Signs of Infidelity?Who hasn’t been cheated on or know someone who has?

Social stigma associates men and cheating more often than women. The fact is, this association is incorrect about half the time. According to, 57% of men admit to cheating in a relationship as opposed to a slightly fewer percentage of women (53%).

While a woman’s motivations for cheating be may vary slightly from that of a man’s, there are some telltale signs to recognize when she is cheating; here are 5 of them:

Change in Appearance

She has had the same hairstyle, cut and color for the past 4 years that you have been together, but recently she cut in bangs and goes for the hombre look.

You then learn that she joined a new gym down the street from her work. This could be a way for her to freshen up her look and to take off those 5 vanity pounds; or she is hitting the gym to change her appearance to impress or appeal to another man.

New Work Obligations

When it comes to her job, your girlfriend’s work schedule is like clock work. She is almost always home by 5:00pm and rarely (if ever) has to travel for her job. When she began having to stay later to help out with a new project, you didn’t think much of it. You have since learned that she will be traveling for work every other week.

She could simply have been given added responsibilities or a new project, or she may be seeing someone else and using work as a cover.

Increased Phone Activity

She looks at her phone every so often (no more than the average person). However, you have recently noticed her constantly checking her phone and corresponding via text. She may have begun to use a new social media application and changed her entry password. It is possible that this is all coincidental, she has taken a sudden interest in social media and just happened to changed her password; but it is more likely that she is communicating with someone and has changed her password so you cannot access her messages and content.

Little Interest in Conversation

She used to come home and tell you about her workday and fill you in on the latest workplace gossip and drama. She would ask about your day and then wait as you filled her in on the latest workplace gossip and drama at your job.

Those days are long gone. Now she comes home, makes small talk and then stares off into space. She could just be preoccupied with work, or tired as she claims; or she could have her mind on another man.

Developed New Preferences

She flips through the channels to see what’s on, but your girlfriend is not a huge TV fan. She is definitely not big on dramas, or so you thought.

Since her business trip last month, she’s obsessed with a popular drama series and can’t miss the weekly episodes. This may be no big deal, but considering she is supposed to be working, how would she have time to take interest in a TV series? Maybe she had downtime while on the business trip; or her business trip was not a business trip at all and she was with another man.

While any one of these signs alone may not be cause for suspicion, several of them together may indicate she may be involved with another man. If you constantly suspect that something is going on, you may be right. In this instance, it is best to trust your instinct and not what she’s telling you. Our minds can be fooled, but our instincts cannot.

Jessica Brighton

Since 2014 Jess has been helping others understand themselves, the complexities of human relationships and the power of mindfulness and a positive self-image. Her new advocacy program is yet another way to help others, as she speaks with parents and teens about sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


She was the typical American woman until late 2008, when her world changed. A failed marriage ending in a divorce, followed by a lay off turned her world upside down. She turned to the sex trade after exhausting every other means to support herself in the midst of a major recession.

Despite an initial encounter with a criminal organization that trafficked and abused her, she broke free and choose to remain in the business until 2014 when she used her understanding of relationships, human behavior and real life to establish herself a relationship coach and expert.

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