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As the time is passing, what we are observing is that everything around us is evolving into something new, something that’s yet to be explored by the world, something that needs to be cherished and something that was long ago thought to be impossible.

Should Seniors Strive for Love in Relationships?Now, what might shock you is that the same thing is observed to be happening in the relationship scenario. As far as the article is considered, the question that’s being explored here is, Should Seniors Strive for Love in Relationship?

“Well, I may ask, why not? Who has got the right to put boundaries around them?” I guess no one.

And as the time is passing by, what we are observing is that only these people seem to be breaking down the “invisible boundary” that the society seems to have put over them. Can’t believe on my words? Well, according to a recent Bowling Green State University study which was cited by Anna North in Jezebel, today people around the age of 60 are the largest old age dating group. The researchers also stated that “the desire to find love and a companion to share life with has no expiration date.” They further added that the age factor plays a direct role in “honest self-representation and being compatible” of oneself.

This apparently means that there are more seniors out there looking for love than the youngsters and why shouldn’t they? There’s no crime in wanting to be loved. No matter how old you get, one thing never changes, and that’s the need of love and affection. No one wants to remain lonely for the rest of their life.

Now, what’s amazing about the senior daters is that they look for companionship in a different manner. When a person reaches its wisdom years, then his/her needs and desires combined with their expectations are a lot more different than what their younger counterparts seem to look for in their 20s.

When you are in your 50s or your 60s, all you look for in your partner is that whether he or she can walk or not? Is he an active personality or a couch potato?

In this age period, all that matters is the health of the partner regardless of the younger generation that takes age as the “deciding factor” for picking up their partners. This is the only reason why websites like consist of an “age filtering mechanism” which lets the user choose a particular age group in which he would want to get matched.

If we just dig more and more in the filtering mechanism, then we can clearly understand that on what basis today’s generation is looking for their future partners. Those filters include Ethnicity, Religion, Occupation and even the eye color! When it comes to the older generation, there’s one more thing that plays a significant role in companion finding, and that is “Trust.”

While I was researching online, I read a lot of case studies of the older woman having trust issues while dating, stating that whether the counterpart whom they are dating wants a companion or someone who is going to nurse them for the rest of their life!

Well, this makes sense when you are in your wisdom years! Coming over the question, well, according to me, there’s nothing wrong in senior dating if they just keep track of a few things beforehand choosing their partners.

Well, what do you think about the same? Should seniors go for love in a relationship?Express your views in comments.

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