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This past weekend I led twenty-four men and women back to their hearts and back into a place of love.

Stress Remover: Using TantraAt the end of virtually 48 hours together, their wrinkles smoothed out, their foreheads unfurled, their breath deepened. Frowns turned to smiles. Tears of sorrow, became tears from gratitude; touched so deeply in the cells of their being that the only response was to cry.

I am blessed to spend my life ushering, guiding, inviting myself and my clients and students back to love. After a day with screaming children, a week with neglectful parents, a demanding 12-hour/day job, or whatever the stressors are that life inevitably brings to you, it is imperative that you find ways to release the stress and instead feel joy, peace, bliss and love.

We all know the dangers of living a type A, demanding, high stress life. Physical health is only one aspect that is negatively impacted. Your emotional health and your relationships are impacted as well. Feeling too tired to welcome your children home from school with a smile or your partner later on after work without jumping down his throat, or feeling like your nerves are frayed and you’re ready to jump out of your skin.

Stress gets to the best of us but knowing what to do to shift out of that straight-jacket into a warm, cozy, expansive blanket of joy is the key to living a peaceful and healthy life. This is not your typical “tips for stress-reduction” article. This information will guide you to a Tantra practice that has your back when it comes to alleviating pain, sorrow, headaches, low libido, weight gain, sleepless nights (all the negative ways that stress can bring you down.)

#1. Breathe

It may sound simple but Tantra is all about waking us up with the most powerful tips and tools and it all starts with the breath. Here’s the key though: Set the timer on your telephone to ring every hour. As soon as it rings, close your eyes, breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your belly.  Watch your belly rise and fall and stay one-pointed focused for 60 seconds.  That’s all!

#2. Sing

Yes, singing is Tantric! Because the foundational principles of Tantra are founded in breath, sound and movement, guess what? Singing meets all of those “requirements.” So do it — sing in your car!  Release stress and raise your endorphin levels!  It’s that simple.

#3. Pray

Tantra is a spiritual practice and that involves, well…Spirit. Whatever your belief systems are, it can never actually hurt you to ask for help, support, guidance, and wisdom. Praying in the morning for a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful day has the power to bring just that.

#4. Self-Pleasure

Yes. Raise your energy in a solo practice of self-pleasuring. You can climax but you don’t have to. This is about the orgasmic energy. Simply raising this powerful life-force energy, enjoying your body and connecting with yourself decreases stress on so many levels.

#5. Eye Contact

Many feel lonely and disconnected and before you know it you are not looking at anyone in the eyes. Even partners stop looking directly at each other and suddenly it feels strange to do so. Can you imagine? We are a human culture. The eyes are the windows to our souls. And they are beautiful; filled with authentic expression of who we truly are. Look at people in the eyes. Smile and greet them. It will warm your heart, and bring joy into your life.

These five daily practices, Tantric in nature and simple to do have the capacity to change your life and bring you more love on a regular basis. Post these practices in your kitchen, on your office desk and next to your bed. After just one day, you will notice joy seeping in, love around you every where you turn and a deep feeling of well-being. Enjoy!

Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer!

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