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If you’re struggling with the progress of a relationship or recently going through a break-up, it can be difficult to see the real lesson beyond the pain and confusion of the current circumstance.

Relationship Tips to Make A Happy Life With Your PartnerLife rarely evolves exactly as we would have pictured in our minds and in the timing we would have preferred.

Sometimes we even find ourselves seemingly stuck in a repetitive pattern of an on again, off again relationship.

What I have learned is, there are no accidents and with that, there is something our soul is yearning for us to learn through every encounter, every experience.

The guy you’re dating seems full into the relationship one minute and the next, he pulls back and exhibits avoidant behaviour.

What are you telling yourself when this happens?

Are you making his behaviour about you?

The most important question(s) I ask myself is:

What is this circumstance trying to teach me? What am I learning from this circumstance or pattern?

For me, a lot of my lessons have been around finding and exploring self-love. When my relationships were going through hardship or had ended, I would make the circumstance about me.

My mind obsessed and over analyzed every move I had made in the relationship. Maybe I wasn’t good enough. Maybe I could have done something different to save the relationship.

I was being given lots of opportunities and examples for me to examine and grow my own self-love even though I couldn’t grasp it at the time.

At the time, it felt as if the universe hated me. I was frustrated with my life and unhappy.

Why was maintaining a relationship so difficult?

Why did it appear that relationships were always crumbling for me?

I believed the universe was punishing me, wanting me to be unhappy by sending me all this relationship hardship.

My ego was wrong.

It took a while and lot’s of learning examples for me to grasp that the universe wanted what was best for me and was supporting me every step of the way. I was being given all these amazing opportunities to put the toxic relationship cycle to a stop and learn what I needed to learn in order to move to the next level of a relationship with my partner and myself.

To this day, I am still learning and I am given lessons and reminders all the time to ensure I stay on track with the love of my life that is most important, the love for myself.

You see, a delay is not a denial; it’s an opportunity to examine what our soul most desires and what we need to learn to get there.

A delay is a chance to check-in with our soul.

A delay ensured I was also ready and available when my true love partner came in for me.

I have learned that a delay is a gift for soul growth so that we can be the ultimate person and partner we want to be.

What are you learning from your “delay” in this exact moment? What is your “delay” trying to teach you?

Sarah Kotz

An author, coach and lover of love and life.  Sarah is on a journey to help support girls/women in their pursuit to find love and in the meantime obtaining access to true self-love and happiness.

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