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I was watching the Warriors lose against the Lakers and it struck me that we could learn a lot from how Stephen Curry handles defeat.

His grace and willingness to live in the moment serve as reminders of what’s important.

Lesson 1. Real Men Show Emotions

Stephen Curry Lessons in Life and RomanceHe did not have a great game against the Lakers. Far from it, he didn’t even make a 3 pointer. Everyone watching could see the disappointment in his face. My heart sank as a fan but as a therapist I was clapping.

He didn’t hide his feelings. His facial expression showed quiet but definite upset. One of the things I appreciate about Stephen Curry is his willingness to show emotion as a real man despite the added stress of the spotlight.

I hope that the young boys watching him will embrace a different attitude towards expressing emotions. When a man like Stephen Curry openly admits defeat, it sets a powerful example. Typically, men are chastised for not expressing their emotions. He does it without apology.

If you are a dad, an uncle or a grandfather…

Could you be open about your disappointments to the young men in your life? If so, you could contribute to the next generation handling emotions rather than spend a lifetime denying them.

Lesson 2. Don’t Let Yesterday Dictate Today!

Stephen Curry is always accountable for his game. He starts every game with the mentality to be his best. He doesn’t go into the next game thinking about his last. He’s in the moment, ready to play.

What if you did that?

You don’t have the social media pressure of seeing thousands of tweets about your mistakes! You can decide how you want to play every day without an audience.

Here’s your takeaway …

  • How do you want to play today?
  • Do you let yesterday tank tomorrow?
  • How can you let it go and move on?

Lesson 3. Always Strive for More

This quote from Stephen Curry floored me.

“I can get better. I haven’t reached my ceiling yet on how well I can shoot the basketball.”

Despite his massive success, he strives to be better. He’s always looking towards what to achieve.

He makes the choice to show up in the moment fully present.

This super athlete knows how to let the bad games go. Stephen Curry sets the tone for handling disappointment with dignity instead of sour grapes. He optimizes grace under pressure.

He looks ahead, not behind.

How would your life change if you could do that? If you were focused on what you can achieve rather than what’s already happened?

Lesson 4. Develop a Faith that Sustains You

“Doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have or don’t have… All you need to have is faith in God, and undying passion for what you do, what you choose to do in this life.” ~ Steph Curry

This is not meant to be a religious discussion but a chance to learn from amazing role models who are contributing to the world’s hope.

Stephen Curry openly talks about his religious beliefs and makes a little gesture every time he gets a basket as a way to give thanks. He focuses on being grateful.

Research shows that there is a connection between having some kind of faith and being able to cope with life’s challenges. Developing a faith adds a comforting element that there is a purpose in it all. Something to think about…

Transforming These Lessons into Hope

Stephen Curry is the epitome of unselfishness. He embodies a faith in himself and others around him. His family is his priority not fame. He keeps calm under pressure and always edifies his opponent.

Enjoying life to the fullest means focusing on what’s happening now. It is letting go of what happened yesterday and trusting that tomorrow you can achieve your dreams. People like Stephen Curry reminds us of what is possible and the hope to achieve it.

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