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Tantra is an ancient practice specifically designed to open and awaken the energetic body.

Tantra Tips to Ignite IntimacyIn Tantra we learn what energy actually is and how we can use it consciously and to our benefit. While most of these practices are not directly sexual, they do have the potential to impact your sexuality and your love life when practiced on a regular basis.

Tantra is a Sanskrit that literally means ‘to weave together’ acknowledging the oneness that we are. Tantric philosophy holds the premise and understanding that we are all one – and there is truly no separation between and among ourselves, nor between ourselves and the Divine Source.

Simply gazing into the eyes of any human being and tuning into their essence has the capacity and the power to bring you right to the knees of this truth. Letting go of judgment and evaluation of the person in front of you (too fat, too dorky, too short, too old, too whatever!) and literally being curious about who they are on the inside invites the presence with love that is this practice of Tantra.

I recently had the experience of having a dance partner chosen for me (instead of me choosing for myself) and came right up against the challenge I speak about with all of my students: the challenge of coming back to love. I immediately went into judgment. My mind began with, “Why did I end up with HIM?  Couldn’t I have ended up with one of those beautiful men over there?  It’s not fair!” Then I remembered what I’m practicing and who I am as a beacon of love.

I tuned into his essence. I looked into his big, sad eyes and I saw someone who just wanted to love; who is love, who wanted to dance and enjoy me and my energy.  So much love poured in between us, it startled me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first — and then I reminded myself – this is my Tantra practice – of being love, sharing love in the moment.  There were no strings attached to this 3 minute dance.  There are no strings when the moment is pure.

Tantra 101 for women provides daily and weekly practices that encourage an open heart, an attuned mind and a joyful spirit.

Practice # 1: Daily Meditation

Daily meditation brings a sense of peace and joy. Simply set your timer for 15 minutes, find a comfortable place to sit and focus on your heart. Breathe in and out with a lightness of being and a sense of curiosity of what the Universe has in store for you. If you feel called to, set your intention for the day and ask Spirit to guide you.

Practice # 2: Strengthen Kundalini 

Kundalini is your life-force energy. The more we know how to access it and ignite it the more energy we have every single day for the things we love and for the people we care deeply for.  

Choose 2-3 of these activities daily: 10 minutes of vigorous exercise, soak in a hot tub, dunk into a cool tub or pool, dance wildly in your living room (a great way to start the day!), strengthen your pelvic floor, eat/drink superfoods, practice saying “yes” and “no” and celebrating your clarity!

Practice # 3: Trust Your Connection With Spirit

Believe that the Universe (Divine Source, God, Spirit) is on your side and that you can manifest all good things in your life. During your meditation and strengthening Kundalini practices, invite guidance in. Trust what you hear as truth. Notice when you are feeling tired or anxious and ask these parts of you what they want you to know about them. Follow that question with, “What would you like me to change in my life?” Trusting your guidance brings a deeper sense of trust and more clarity on your path.

Although you may think only of sex when you hear the word Tantra, these are practices which strengthen your most important relationship – the one with yourself. Once you truly learn to love yourself and to deepen your connection with spirit, you will easily bring this spiritual connection to your sex life. And then watch out! Marrying spirituality with sexuality brings the deepest, most passionate, juicy, hot, ecstatic and orgasmic experiences into your life.  Enjoy them!

Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer!

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