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The new year is almost here and choosing a power word can help guide you toward meeting all of those resolutions you set out for yourself! Felicity walks you through her process of selecting a power word.

Power Word and New Year’s ResolutionSetting New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility. I know it seems for many that you create a list of lofty goals and then by the time February rolls around, they are long forgotten. This can be due to life taking you on some crazy plot twist.

But it can also be due to writing out too many goals or making a list that would spread you too thin. No more of that setting yourself up for failure. Focus is important here.

Did you know just by writing down your goals and dreams, you are 10x more likely to reach them?

That’s great news. However, wouldn’t it be great to be 100x more likely to reach them? Heck yes!

There are many techniques that assist in this endeavor.

In my newest program, The Goal Digger System, I talk a lot about personal values and how to amplify your ability to reach your dreams. One of my favorite practices involves selecting a power word, or guiding principle, to set the intention for my year.

Some of the words I’ve chosen over the years include discernment, creativity, power, and focus. I haven’t quite landed on what I’m choosing for 2017 yet so I will be doing this very process myself!

To discover your power word, ask yourself these three questions:

1. How Do I Want to Feel This Year?

I don’t know about you, but 2016 ended up bringing me a lot of sadness and heavy stuff. For 2017 I want to feel connected but light. I want to feel joy again.

Think about what expands your heart, makes you feel secure, and brings a big goofy grin to your face. List out those emotions and feelings that you want to embrace this year.

Some juicy ones are free, happy, passionate, accomplished, safe, loving, generous, graceful, adored, cherished, nurturing, daring, joyful. Grab a pen and paper and write down yours!

2. What Are My Strongest Values?

Ask yourself what is important in your life. Do you value financial security, freedom, creativity, love, connection, autonomy, family, humor, stability, adventure?

There are no right or wrong answers here. This is an exercise solely connected to who you are as a person and what matters in your life.

I recommend choosing ten values that ring true for you and then prioritize them into a top three (or top five) list.

Taking the time to prioritize your values assists you in getting clear not only on your power word but also on which goals to pursue. In a nutshell, when facing multiple decisions on what direction to take in life, your values help steer the ship. It gives you the insight on what to say yes to.

3. What Changes Would I Like to Make This Year?

This is where your goals come in. It helps to align your power word with your goals in order to stay focused.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to go overboard listing out ALL of the things you want to have happen and all of the changes you want to make.

What I suggest is make that list of resolutions and then look for patterns and similarities. How do these goals connect to an overarching theme?

This guides you to the goals that are congruent with your main focus. For example, if you are leaning toward a power word like “home” as in buying a home, creating a safe haven, or starting a family… a goal like touring the country with a rock band as a groupie wouldn’t exactly align.

That’s an extreme example but if you apply this level of analysis, you will see which goals are more pipe dreams versus ones that deeply resonate with your purpose.

Also, look at what areas in your life are you most desiring change. It could be in your career, your relationship, your health. This is a big clue on where your focus for 2017 lies.

As you match up your goals to your desired feelings and your deeply held values, you will begin to get a clear idea of which path(s) to pursue.

Word Selection

When you comb through your answers to those questions, you should be getting clarity on what power word to select for your year.

If it isn’t clear, or you are struggling to select between a few options, here’s what I do: Sleep on it. I find that the answer will arrive in a dream and I will wake up with certainty.

And if that doesn’t work, try each word on for size. As you go through your day and interact with others, think of your word. How does it feel to embody your power word?

It may take a few days or more to make your final decision. And when you do settle on your word for 2017, enjoy how good it feels to have such definitive guidance for the coming months.

Cheers to a great year ahead!

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