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It’s true – I felt like a junkie. I wanted to be with him every second of every day, and when I wasn’t with him I was wondering when he would text or stop by to see me.

HE Was My Drug of Choice... When Love Becomes AddictionWhy couldn’t I stop thinking about him?

I went from one obsession to another.

From one man who I felt only tolerated me, to another who couldn’t get enough of me.

I was addicted to the way it felt to have someone want me so badly.

The daily phone calls and text messages kept me coming back for more.

I thought I was a very well-rounded person, polished and put together nicely.

Everything seemed perfect on the outside.

But on the inside I soon discovered I was empty, searching for a fix to fill that void.

The void that nothing can fill except for love.

Love is a universal language spoken by all but understood by few.

Love is the thing we all want so badly but have a hard time figuring out what it is and what it really feels like.

Most people experience attachment, but after a while that just won’t do the job anymore.

Attachment has no real substance to it.

It’s like always begging for more, expecting someone else to do a job for you.

It’s like saying “please love me because I’m empty and I need you to fill me up.”

It’s using another person to get your needs met – and that is a big responsibility for anyone.

I realized: this must be what it’s like to be hooked on drugs.

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I have loved ones who have struggled with drugs and addiction problems, and I could never understand why they would choose to do this.

Until the day I realized that I was addicted as well.

Now I have more compassion, love and understanding then I ever had before, because I understand:

I just chose a different drug.

I was no better or worse than them.

We grew up together, but we lived two completely different lives.

Mine seemed more fulfilled and happy, but on the inside I was just as broken.

I filled my days fixing everyone else’s problems and building my career so I wouldn’t have to focus on what was going on inside me.

Things on the outside can be so deceiving.

It’s not until you catch a glimpse of the inside that you really see what’s going on inside yourself and others.

I coach women on a daily basis and it’s always a surprise to me how such beautiful women can (and do) let men control their thoughts, choices, and everyday lives.

I understand, because I was no different not that long ago.

I wished I hadn’t wasted so much of my life letting someone else dictate what I do.

If we can get to the point of wanting love from someone (rather than needing it), that’s when we’ve hit a breakthrough.

That’s where total awareness start to happen in a big way.

It wasn’t until I discovered my God-given power – the power all of us women have – that my life took a turn for the better.

I started to understand what makes me completely irresistible to men.

My eyes were opened to this amazing gift that I’ve had all along – I just wasn’t ready to use it before.

You can have this too – and I’m here to help.

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Love, Rogue

Rogue Pence

“Rogue” is an accomplished relationship coach, wife, and mother of four that really knows how to dive into a woman’s love life and turn it around. By using tools that helped her turn her 15 year marriage around, she can help you turn yours around. Rogue has worked with women for 15 years in the nail industry, she listened and coached woman by giving advice and counsel on any situation they were in. Rogue has a heart of gold that can relate to women because of her own personal struggles and hearing other women’s. She seeks to help any women that finds herself stuck, lonely or frustrated by love.

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