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“A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.” ― Barbara Bush

Men are visual. What they want is to feel desired and wanted. They actually picture porn actresses on the screen wanting them, performing sexual acts with them and practically begging to do anything to please them.

Don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you.

Sex Skill for an Amazing Sex LifeInstead of being mad that he thinks these things or watches p*rn (every guy does) maybe you should want to do these things with you instead of an imaginary girl on a screen.

You want him to see you as his personal p*rn star. You want him to lust after and desire you. But, if you don’t have this one skill you will have an uphill battle.

The One Skill

I have a ton of guy friends. Every single one has told me the same thing. They want and need oral sex. If a woman is not interested in performing oral sex very and/or is not interested in learning how to perform better (yet still expects him to go downtown for half an hour) he will be totally turned off.

Call it shallow. Call it stupid. Call it whatever you want. I call it truth. It isn’t necessarily about the sex per se or about whether you’re an expert. He can teach you what he wants.

What is most important is that you WANT to do it. He wants you to be eager to please him. Men value enthusiasm over skill. They want you to want to please them.

Oral sex places you in a vulnerable position metaphorically and physically. It makes a man feel powerful. Men like to feel powerful and in control. If you aren’t open to this it means you are not open to being open. He will pick up on this and it will turn him off.

What he wants is for you to look at his package like it’s a present on Christmas Day that you can’t wait to unwrap. This present that he is giving you is the best present in the world and it’s all yours!

It’s All In Your Head

If you have an aversion to oral sex you might want to ask yourself why.

Are you selfish?

What if you absolutely love it when men perform oral sex on you?

What if you met a guy who said he really didn’t like it and never wanted to do it except when you had to beg for it?

Would you want to be with that guy?

What everyone wants in a relationship is to feel valued and important. Sex is part of the deal. Relationships are about giving and being open. They aren’t about always getting what you want.

You want him to feel like you not only like to do it, but you love to do it! You want him and you want what he has to offer. I don’t care if secretly you don’t like it. If so, then get over it. If you start doing it regularly and happily you may find that your feelings change. You can use it as a treat for when he is extra nice or when he least expects it.

I can guarantee you if you change your perspective on oral sex he will change his perspective on you. Sure, he may just deal with the fact that you don’t like it and won’t do it, but this is a surefire way to keep your man dissatisfied.

Tricks of The Trade

What are the tricks to performing oral sex like a “sexpert” and be sure to use your hands and your mouth? Obviously, never use your teeth. Change up your tempo. Be playful.

Every man is different. Some like it when you play with the twig and berries (as Austin Powers says) and some don’t. Find out what he likes. Usually you can tell by the movement of his body while you are down there. If he starts to pull back, then he isn’t into it. If he moves towards you keep going.

Don’t be scared to talk about it afterwards. Ask him what he liked or didn’t like or what is his favorite part. If you can do this with your man you will become his personal p*rn star and he will be more content and relaxed and you have hit a home run.

Performing oral sex and doing so enthusiastically will go a long way in making him feel like Superman. What woman doesn’t want her man to feel like this?

Carrie L. Burns

Carrie L. Burns is a blogger on a mission of self-discovery. As a sexual abuse survivor that struggled for years with depression anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of self-love and relationship issues she found her purpose through writing and sharing her story with others.

Additional work can be found at

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  • Nandar Kyawyi Oct 24, 2016 at 4:41 am


  • BJ Oct 23, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    What if a woman has been seeing the same man exclusive for over a year. She performs oral willingly and let him know she wants to. Even ask if anything different could make it better. Has pretty much every time because he loves it and many times have head with nothing in return. He aims to please and is great, even suggested twice on phone that next time he was going to give oral. I never mention it nor ask but those two times mentioned I let him know I couldn’t wait and was looking forward to it It’s never happened, never once has he giving oral but I do all the time. In all others ways he is great, I love being with him and he cares about my pleasure. I love this man and don’t want him to question my satisfication if I ask about it. We talk open in all other ways Don’t want to bruse any ego as men have big ones

    • Guy who loves to   BJ Nov 4, 2016 at 10:51 pm

      Ask! ‘Please make me c@# with your mouth!’ – make it seem like it is the most exciting thing ever.

      Just make sure when it happens that, even if it isn’t “good”, you make it seem like he is AMAZING! Shake, shudder, moan and talk, grab his head and f!@k his mouth! Build his confidence and make it obvious that he is driving you crazy and that he is giving you more pleasure than he ever could have imagined – we guys work on ego, if he thinks he knocked it out of the park he will want to do it again. Once he believes he is good at it he will want to show off.

      If you need a way to ‘ease into it’, find a video of a guy giving oral and have it ready then suggest ‘let’s watch a video and do everything they do’! Or find a couple of videos where the guy makes the girl climax with oral and just ‘mention’ how excited that makes you. Or sext him that you had a dream about… and describe the whole thing, then one last sext saying ‘wanna make my dreams come true?’


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