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Best selling relationship expert James Bauer reveals his surprising discovery that not 1 in 100 women know about male psychology and how it’s the key to making your man love and desire you enough to commit and devote his life to you.

Maybe you’re different…

But after 12 years as a relationship coach, working with thousands of women, I’ve noticed a startling mistake (most women have no clue they’re making) that subconsciously blocks their man’s sex dive.

You see, there’s something men actually want much more than sex (contrary to popular belief). The problem is, you probably haven’t heard about it, because it’s so hard-wired into your man’s mind that even he couldn’t describe it if he tried.

And if you want your man to desire you with his heart and mind, there’s nothing more important than the concept I’m about to reveal right now.

In fact, this is so critical to getting a man to love you enough to commit, that I created this video to explain everything you need to know.

Here’s the core of the idea so you can get started with it right now:

How You’re Accidentally Killing Your Man’s Sex Drive

To understand how this works, I need to cover one simple rule about human motivation. This rule was discovered by a famous psychologist named Abraham Maslow. His discovery changed our understanding of human motivation forever.

It turns out, even powerful drives can get “turned off” very easily. Take the human sex drive, for instance. It’s so powerful, but it seems to turn on and off like a light switch.


Here’s what Maslow realized. Some drives stay dormant until our basic needs get met.

You’ve probably experienced this very recently.

For example, if you suddenly hear the screech of tires while driving, it doesn’t matter how hungry you are, you’re no longer thinking about which restaurant to go to. It’s because your brain overpowers your need for hunger so it can focus on surviving.

Then once you’re out of harms way, your need to eat takes priority again.

In other words, as soon as a one need is met, another need springs to life.

And sex is no different.

A Man’s Sex Drive Is Powerful. It Influences His Relationship with You Even If the Two of You Are Not Having Sex Yet.

And believe it or not, feeling turned on has more to do with him than you.

That’s right. When his sex drive is cranked all the way up, it doesn’t take much to turn him on. But when his drive is low, you’ll wonder if he’s even interested in you anymore.

So what makes the difference? What raises or lowers his sex drive?

The simple answer is testosterone.

It’s testosterone that causes a teenage boy to suddenly see girls in a whole new way when he hits puberty. And it’s testosterone that fuels the hormone-driven sex drive that follows soon after.

But here’s the surprising thing not 1 in 100 women know about Testosterone:

A man’s testosterone levels change depending on who he’s spending time withIn other words, his relationship with YOU either Revs Up or Dials Down his sex drive!

I’m not making this up!

Some researchers wanted to test this out, so they did a simple experiment.  They isolated a group of men on a 38 foot boat for two weeks. The men’s testosterone levels were measured before and after.

And here’s what they found.

The testosterone level of the men who reached the highest social rank went up. On the other hand, the two men who gained the least respect had a big drop in testosterone.

Before you go assuming this was a group of bonehead macho-men, I should mention all of the research participants were physicians.  So even if the most sophisticated man isn’t immune to these effects.

By now, you might be wondering how you can raise, or lower his Testosterone levels.

Well, luckily, you don’t have to launch into a pecking order battle with him. Women influence a man’s testosterone much differently. All that matter is how much he believes you admire and respect him.

I’m guessing that’s not the problem. You probably do respect him, right?

But here’s the secret I’ve built my career on as a dating and relationship coach. Respect means something much different to men than it does to women. It’s not what you might think.

He’s far more obsessed with respect than you would ever guess. And yet, he’ll never directly ask you to respect him more.

I’ve broken this all down and reveal exactly what he’s thinking in this video:


In it, I explain why men feel so turned off when the right respect signals are missing in your relationship.

I also reveal how it’s what he believes that matters. And why even if you do respect him, it’s usually not enough. His feelings of passion for you can still easily fade away, leaving you to wonder why.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Watch this video to discover how you can permanently boost your man’s desire for you and transform your relationship with him forever.

Michael Fiore

Internationally recognized as the foremost expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world, Michael is blunt, funny, and always honest.

In 2011, Michael appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show with his popular “Text The Romance Back Program” (Rachael said he gave her “chills”). Since then Michael has given women X-Ray vision into men’s minds with “The Secret Survey”, helped thousands rebuild relationships with “Text Your Ex Back”, and has become an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Michael lives in Seattle, WA and is currently hard at work on his next shocking, straightforward and really, really useful program.

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